5 ways to Create Demand for Document Management Software Products

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Ways to Create Demand for Document Management Software Products

In this modern day and age, many businesses are trying to refrain from spending a substantial amount of money on unimportant stuff. But they are more likely willing to invest in resources that will make their life easy and can help them improve their business operation.

Dealing with important documents and information can be a bit challenging. Because of this, more and more companies are considering on investing in different software such as DMS (Document Management Software). For reasons such as:

  • Better security of company documents
  • Easier access to files
  • Easier retrieval and backup of all company information.

However, many SMBs are still hesitant and would prefer an old school habit of storing hard copies of company documents.

So how can you attract not just large companies but SMBs as well to buy from you? Here are 5 ways to create a demand for your document management software.  

  • Content Marketing

One way to attract prospects is to educate them by creating informational contents that they can relate to. What kind of contents?

  • Articles focusing on common problems and issues encountered by your prospects.
  • Articles with solutions or tips on how to handle and solve these problems.

Content marketing allows you to provide relevant and valuable information to your audience. However, you have to make sure to educate but NEVER sell to your audience.

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  • Telemarketing

Believe it or not, telemarketing is considered the most effective way to reach out to prospects and promote your software. Software leads done through telemarketing are high quality and are most likely to be converted. Why? In telemarketing, the sales cycle is shorter. You get direct answers from prospects if there’s an opportunity or not. No need to keep calling those companies who have no upcoming plans or is happy with what they have.

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  • Business Events

One way to attract prospects is by hosting, participating or attending software events. Events like this allow you develop a deeper relationship with prospects as well as your existing customers. It lets you educate your prospects by showing them how your document management solution works.

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  • Promotional Marketing

Promotional marketing is cost effective and more memorable to consumers because of the experience they get from using your product. Give something away or offer a one-month free trial for prospects to download and experience how your product works. Satisfied prospects are more likely to sign up, buy or upgrade to premium.

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  • Social Media Marketing

According to an article from businesstimes.com.sg, 82% of Singaporeans are internet users and 77% have social media accounts.

Prospects decision to purchase is influenced by feedback from other consumers. The first thing they do before purchasing is to research through social media page and check for good feedback.

Whatever channel you use, creating a buzz is one way to reach a wider audience. You can implement all 5 or you can just pick one that you think is more appropriate for your business. Just make sure to meet your prospect’s needs for it to work and make a decision to consider you.



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The Increasing Importance of Multi-Channel Marketing in Asia

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The Increasing Importance of Multi-Channel Marketing in Asia

According to Digital Trends 2015 report, multi-channel campaign appeared to be at the bottom with only 7% in APAC said that multi-channel was the most exciting opportunity.

This 2017, many marketers in Asia saw the importance of multi-channel marketing because of the increase in multi-channel interaction of customers. Marketers need to be where their prospects are – email, voice, social media, web, mobile and chat in order to become visible and increase their customer engagement.

In this article, I will discuss the reasons why more and more marketers in Asia saw the importance of multi-channel marketing.

The evolving nature of marketing

Although many businesses who implement lead generation campaigns internally, the main channel of communication with prospects is through voice. However, more and more B2B lead generation companies are looking for more ways to reach out and interact with prospects on their preferred medium of communication.

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The growing need to nurture prospects

Prospect’s buying journey is longer than before. Some take weeks or even months. Nowadays, people researched online or ask for a recommendation from family and friends before they make a decision to buy anything.

Having someone who expresses interest is not enough to close the deal. Turning them into customers need nurturing until such time they’ve reached the final stage of their buying process.

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To reach out and get prospects attention using different channels

Be it through email, social media, voice, chat, web, and mobile as a marketer you want to be where your prospects are in order to become visible and create brand awareness. Every channel has its own advantages but you’ll get a better result if each channel works for hand in hand rather than compete with each other.

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Higher ROI from multi-channel campaigns

According to an infographic from business2community.com, “Multichannel shoppers spend 3 times more than single-channel shopper. How can it increase your ROI? Multichannel marketing allows you to:

  • Connect and engage with your prospects using their preferred channel.
  • Reach out to prospects especially the on-the-go ones.
  • Nurture and build lasting relationship with your prospects. Check out this lead nurture tools!
  • Send a relevant message that can provide solutions to your prospect’s problems on their chosen channel.

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To stay in line with the current marketing trends

You need to be visible in order to survive and stay ahead of your competitors. Let’s face it, marketing also generate leads and grow your business. So it is important for you to keep up with what’s new especially in your industry. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean if it’s new it can do good to your business. It’s still best to focus on what is important and what’s working for your business.

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However, many marketers still fail to implement multi-channel marketing as part of their marketing strategy for reasons such as;

  • Not enough resources to do it.
  • Lack of time
  • No budget to invest on tools
  • Lack of knowledge and understanding on how to implement it.

People nowadays don’t just watch TV or read newspapers anymore. Instead, they use email, social media and web too to research for products online. And almost everyone is doing it using their mobile phones. That is why more and more marketers are starting to see the importance of multi-channel marketing.



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Online and Offline Marketing Tactics to Position your Consulting Business in the APAC Market

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Online and Offline Marketing Tactics to Position your Consulting Firm in APAC Market

As a business owner, you may be wondering where to invest your money and which one gives you better ROI. In modern marketing, more and more marketers use online marketing to reach out to prospects because of the increase of online activities of the consumers.

However, in the financial and consulting world, 60% of the prospects’ decision was influenced by word of mouth from family and friends because choosing someone you can trust is more important.

Trying to position a consulting firm in the APAC market can be a bit challenging. With too many competitions, gaining the trust of your prospects and providing quality service are just some of the challenges you need to face. Because of these challenges, marketers utilize both online and offline marketing tactics.


Online marketing is a way to spread brand awareness with the use of the internet to reach out to your target prospects and eventually get them to purchase from you. Online marketing campaign includes;

Email Marketing

A marketing email should;

  • Be personalized depending on your prospect’s’ wants and needs.
  • Contain graphics
  • Have interesting message
  • Contain CTA
  • Be designed for both desktop and mobile

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Email marketing is effective on its own. However, integrating it with marketing automation is more effective. Having a hassle-free trigger-based campaign where you can;

  • send information and respond to prospects in real time (even if you’re not there) and when they are most likely active
  • Assign certain triggers such as send a follow-up email or have someone call this prospect, after actions taken by a website visitor – filling out a form or signing up for a free ebook. These triggers can get the higher conversion and increase in revenue. Learn about our managed marketing automation.


  • It is not enough to just create high-quality blogs and publish it or share it on social media. In order for search engines, especially Google to give credits to your website, you must include backlinks. To those who are new to SEO, backlinks are links that are directed to your website.

Why are backlinks important?

High-quality backlinks can help your website rank better in the search engine. Higher rankings mean better visibility in the search results. Better visibility means higher traffic for your website.  

  • Use google analytics to analyze your data wisely. Use it to know the behavior of your audience, what device do they use and where do most of the website traffic come from, etc.
  • Value the importance of having a good website design. (How could it affect the attention span of your website visitors, how you could convert these visitors into leads etc)

Content Marketing

  • Include guest posting, newsletter, Influencer round up post, Visual content (infographic, slides, video), technical content writing (case study, white papers etc.) in your content marketing calendar.

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Social Media Marketing

Every now and then, a new social networking site is created. Try new social networking sites like Bebee, Growth Hackers, Shocase, Xing and Sollaborate. Don’t settle being on Facebook and Twitter alone because these mediums are already saturated and the competition for your audience attention is a bit high. There’s nothing wrong in trying out a new horizon. You won’t be able to know the potential of these websites if you don’t try them on your own.

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Offline marketing is a way to reach, grab the attention of your prospects without the use of an internet and nurture them until such time they’ve reached the last stage of their buying journey and are ready to purchase from you.  Below are the strategies and the articles related to help you start your campaign;

Here’s how both our online and offline marketing work together to increase brand awareness, generate more sales, get higher ROI and position your consulting firm in the APAC market?

A mix marketing means having your online marketing techniques support and work hand in hand with your offline marketing strategies.

For example:

  • I send out introductory emails to my prospects and follow up on them through a call. When doing a follow-up call, prioritize who to call first.
    • Prospects who showed interest and responded to your email.
    • Those who opened the email but failed to respond.
    • Prospects with no actions (didn’t open or respond to the email)
  • Utilize social media marketing and content marketing to promote a business event.
  • Call prospects who inquired through social media.

Just because many marketers prefer online marketing doesn’t mean offline marketing will no longer work. Combining both of these online and offline marketing tactics to position your consulting firm in the APAC market feels like a match made in heaven.  



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What Are the Main Challenges for Financial Services Industry 2017?

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What are the main challenges for the financial services industry 2017?

For over 4 decades, Singapore has developed the financial center not just locally but all over Asia Pacific. Because of the strong economy, many businesses consider Singapore as a stable location to start a business, for expansion as well as for investments.

However, despite its growing economy, many business owners in the financial sector would never say that it is easy. Whether be it banking, insurance, asset and wealth, investment, etc same with other business sectors there will always be issues to face into. Here are the 5 main challenges every financial sector is facing this 2017

#1. Restoring public trust and improving customer service.

Nowadays, the decision of customers to choose which financial institution to consider depends on its ability to provide better customer service. Re-establishing the customer’s confidence in your service is important.


  • Mobile and online banking for the convenience of the customers
  • Available call centers to address inquiries, complaints, and requests immediately

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#2. Data Security and Privacy.

Many financial organizations would not recover from the loss of data that cannot be retrieved which leads to damage on reputation to their customers and suppliers. Not to mention the high cost of profile breaches and fines can also hurt the budget of the institution.


In order to reduce the risk and establish a secure procedure, paper documents are stored and can be retrieved.

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#3. Competition/ Crowded market.

The competition within the financial sector is very strong.  To some, competition is a good thing because the eagerness to do better is always there. But when it comes to the financial industry, having lower profits because of the rise in the competition is not good for the business.


  • Know who your competitors are.
  • Understand what they are an offer and make your service better.
  • Make your marketing stand out by highlighting the benefits that they can get when they consider your service.

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#4. Cybersecurity.

McKinsey defines cyber security as the protection of valuable intellectual property and business information in digital form against theft and misuse. This is the most dangerous risk every financial institution is facing nowadays not just in Singapore but around the world.


Up to now, many are still struggling to keep up with the cyber security risk management policy or program. In order to address this issue, it is advised for the CEO and other senior executives to;

  • Conduct a risk awareness and preparedness program.
  • Create a response plan to guide your organization if something like this will happen.

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#5. New revenue opportunities.

Because of the different problems every financial industry are facing every day, not to mention the competition, many are struggling with their revenue. Many customers are hesitant to trust and would research for better options first before they would consider.


  • Establish a good relationship with your customers.
  • Maintain a good status by providing good customer service.
  • Resolve customer issues faster

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Challenges will come and go regardless what industry you’re into. Whatever problems you encounter, what’s important is you strive for the success of your business.



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Monthly Top 5 List: Digital Marketing Tools and How to Use Them to Capture B2B Clients

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools: How to Use Them to Capture B2B Clients

According to Marketo, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through different digital channels such as search engine, website, social media, email and mobile apps.

What can digital marketing do to B2B companies?

Many B2B companies wanted to spread brand awareness online. Through digital marketing, you can promote products online, build better relationships with new and existing customers and eventually capture more leads through referral websites.

Ways to increase brand awareness with digital marketing.

Through Content Marketing

Post contents that provide value to your audience. It does not have to be formal. Instead, create contents that your target audience can relate to such as, how to handle common problems and provide solutions on how to solve their issues.

Through Social Media

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a powerful way to reach out to your target prospects. However, you have to know which platform your prospects are most active and what topics are trending. This way it’ll be easier for you to identify which platform has more activity and prospect interaction.

TIP: Make sure to be consistent in your social media posts to maintain your social presence and increase brand awareness.

In order to become effective in your digital marketing campaign and maximize your time, effort and money, here are my top 5 digital marketing tools that can help you reach out to prospects, nurture them and turn them into loyal clients.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools

#1: Hootsuite


HootSuite lets you manage multiple social networks, connect with customers, and grow your brand on social media.

How does it work? HootSuite lets you:

  • Assign messages to get to the right people in your business.
  • Schedule unlimited messages across all your social networks.
  • Engage and be part of the conversation. Never miss when people are talking about your brand.
  • Find out what your customers are saying about you and your competition.
  • Track your social media campaign to improve ROI and grow your business.

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#2. Google Analytics


Google Analytics lets you analyze data from all touch points for a deeper understanding of the customer experience and share the insights that matter with your whole organization.


How it works

Google Analytics lets you generate detailed statistics and analyze every activity – web traffic on your website. It provides a clearer picture of who your target audience is, their needs and at which stage they are now in their buying journey.

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“If This, Then That” is a tool used to automate repetitive tasks wherein users can create simple scripts or recipe to automatically trigger actions in another.

Here’s a complete guide on how to use IFTTT from The Memo.

Example: You’re going to create a simple recipe which updates your profile picture across different social networks on your behalf.

Step 1: Create a recipe

  • Go to “My Applets”
  • Click “New Applets”

Step 2: Click “This”

Step 3: Select the service (e.g. Facebook)

Step 4: Choose a trigger (e.g. Your Profile Changes)

Step 5: Fill in and Complete Trigger Fields





Step 6: Define what happens next

  • Click on “that”
  • Select the action service (e.g. Twitter)

Step 7: Choose an action (e.g. Update profile picture)

Step 8: Finish your recipe by clicking “Create Recipe” and you’re good to go.






#4. Mailchimp


Mailchimp lets you:

  • Create email campaigns and send better email.
  • Automate your marketing by creating a to-do list to re-engage and follow up with your prospects.
  • Puts your data to work by integrating with major e-commerce providers in order to send personalized campaigns and understand how your marketing affects your bottom line.

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#5. Canva

Canva lets you design your own custom posters, flyers, and infographics. Not a designer? That’s okay. They have sample templates that allow you to create designs like a pro.

How to design images in your content using canva?

  • Browse from their template library (e.g. posters, flyers, infographics, etc)


  • Type a keyword of your choice into the search bar


  • Choose and drag any photo you like that goes with your content


  • Add texts


  • Add filters to enhance your image


  • Resize your design, if necessary.
  • Save your work and share with your team.

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If you still can’t decide which digital marketing tool to use to maximize all of your marketing efforts without spending all of your resources (money), there are a lot of free digital marketing tools for you to use. Just remember that in marketing, it is always important to reach out to your target audience, create brand awareness and build relationships with them. You need them to grow your business. You may also want to Read Monthly Top 5 List: Startups Tips in Generating Leads without a Website .



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C-Level Blind Spot: Not Incorporating Multi-Channel Marketing

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C-Level Blind Spot: Not Incorporating Multi-Channel Marketing

It’s no doubt, implementing multi-channel marketing can be challenging. Many business owners and managers failed to see its importance to their business. To them, it takes a lot of time and money to implement it and become effective on it.

Only 14% of organizations say they are currently running coordinated marketing campaigns across all channels.   (CMO by Adobe)

Many C-Level people are still hesitant to incorporate multi-channel marketing because of different reasons such as;

  • They don’t have enough knowledge
  • Lack of resources
  • They’re afraid they might fail

In this article, let us learn to understand what multi-channel marketing really is and how important it is to our business.

What is multi-channel marketing?

Multi-channel marketing is the process of reaching out and interacting with prospects through different communication channels such as;

  • Email
  • Voice
  • Social
  • Website
  • Mobile
  • chat

It enables the prospects to engage and respond using the channel of their choice.

Experts’ definition:

Multichannel marketing refers to the practice by which companies interact with customers via multiple channels, both direct and indirect, in order to sell them goods and services.  (searchsalesforce.techtarget.com)

Multichannel marketing refers to the practice by which companies interact with customers via multiple channels, both direct and indirect, in order to sell them goods and services. (blog.hubspot.com)

Watch this multi-channel marketing video and learn how you can reach prospects in Asia with less effort and 3x results.

The importance of Multi-channel marketing

72% of consumers says they would rather connect with brands and businesses through multi-channel. (blog.autopilothq.com)

There’s a big difference in the buying process of our prospects. But what’s important is, you need to be where your prospects are all the time. Multi-channel marketing lets you create brand awareness and reach out to your target customers through their preferred channel. At the same time, you are giving them options as to which channel to use to interact and communicate with you.

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What will happen if you failed to incorporate multi-channel marketing into your business?

  • Fewer audience to reach out to
  • Lesser interaction with your target prospects
  • Fewer sales
  • Slower ROI

How to implement multi-channel marketing effectively?

As a business owner, oftentimes we think we need to do everything in order to see results. If you are looking to consider implement multi-channel marketing as part of your marketing strategy but is afraid to fail, here’s a 6-step guide on how to run a multi-channel marketing campaign that works.

STEP #1. Identify and understand your target audience.

STEP #2. Learn their preferred channel of communication

STEP #3. Create a personal message across multiple channels

STEP #4. Make your message clear, concise, relevant and consistent

STEP #5. Monitor and analyze results to know which one is working and which one is not

STEP #6. Reevaluate the channel that is not working well and revamp your strategy.

Learn more about Callbox Multi-Channel Marketing process.


Nowadays, there are many ways on how and where consumers can make purchases online. That’s why it is important to include multi-channel marketing as part of your marketing strategy to ensure better interaction with your prospects.



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How Advertising Firms can Get Closer to their Customers

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How Advertising Firms can Get Closer to their Customers

Nowadays, prospects have different needs, likes and dislikes, have a preference as to which channel is accessible and easy to use when searching for vendors online. Most successful companies mentioned that getting close to their customers is their top priority to ensure success.

But why is it important for an advertising agency to get closer to your customers?

As a marketer, it is best to gain a deeper understanding of your prospect’s behavior in order to communicate with them effectively.

In the modern world of the advertising industry, we all know that the prospect’s journey to look for an advertising company for their business has changed. Companies don’t just choose someone just because they have a budget. Just like other industries, they research and compare services before choosing someone to create promotional ideas, plan and conduct advertising campaigns for them.

According to Forrester, consumers are at 90% of their buying journey before they reach out to a vendor.

So here are some ways on how to get closer to your customers before they can even decide which vendor to choose.

Listen to your prospects

In this new era, listening to your customers is important in order to understand and respond to their needs, identify which stage they are in their buying process and know how to communicate with them effectively.

What to listen to?

  • Behavior. What do they usually do? Do they comment on a blog post? Do you use social media? Do they check their emails often?
  • Interest. What do they want? What are the current trends of your audience?
  • Sentiments. What are they saying? What words do they use? What problems do they need solutions?

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Don’t hesitate to go out or pick up the phone

Let’s face it, you can’t just sit in front of your computer and wait for people to find you. That’s not how it works. If you want more people to know more about you, talk to them about your business and what you do.

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Build a strong online presence

Whether be it through blogging or social media, you have to show the world that you can create campaigns and market any business or product.  How?

    • Through website. Utilize SEO. Create high-quality contents and use the right keywords. Regardless of what you do just make sure to rank high on a search engine for people to see you whenever they search for something online.
    • Through social media. Many businesses have acquired their customers through social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is considered the largest platform to attract customers. Small to big companies create Facebook pages to create brand awareness. According to Statista, in 2018, the number of Facebook users in Singapore is expected to reach 3.2 million, up from 2.9 million in 2016.
    • Through mobile app. According to a blog post from sbr.com.sg, based on Nielsen’s Smartphone Insight Study, Singapore has the highest smartphone ownership in Asia Pacific region. Businesses nowadays make sure their website is mobile ready because of most of the time, consumers search for local vendors through their smartphones.

Grab a copy 15 Brilliant Web Design Hacks That Convert Traffic into Leads!

Attend business events

Events bring people closer together. It allows vendors to connect with their prospects personally and build a relationship with them. It is a good opportunity to present your services and what your company can do for their business.


In order to reach out a wider audience, you have to be where your customers are. Understanding your prospects allows you to create a strategy on how to build a connection, interact with them effectively, and provide better service.



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6 Marketing Ideas in Selling a Medical Software

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6 Marketing Ideas to Sell a Medical Software

Medical appointment scheduling, diagnostic software, medical database software, medical equipment planning software, etc. These technologies are important to all medical practice to address the needs of all healthcare stakeholders and provide healthcare assistance to everyone.

Many medical software companies strive to develop high-quality software to improve the quality of care for their patients. With too many medical software available in the market, many doctors, clinics, hospitals, etc are having a hard time looking for the right software for their business.

Here are 6 marketing ideas to sell a medical software.

#1. Email marketing

This is an effective way of bringing new leads for many health care providers. It is also their most preferred method of communication with their clients.

According to MedData Medical Technology Marketing Industry Trends Report, 62% of physicians and other health care providers communicate via email  and 75% of them use smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to check their emails.

(Image Source: MedData Medical Technology Marketing Industry Trends Report)


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#2. Mobile Marketing Campaign

Almost everyone has a mobile device. Doctors, physicians, and other healthcare providers don’t just use mobile devices to check their emails. They also use it to research for information on how to improve their services.

How to make your mobile marketing campaign effective?

  • Have a responsive website
  • Make “About” and “Contact Us” pages accessible for mobile audience
  • Make phone number and email address easily accessible in your website
  • Create easy sign-up forms (with not so much information to fill in) Here’s more tips for mobile marketing.

Read more: Healthcare Marketing: Selling Products and Services, Creating Awareness

#3. Publish quality content

New contents publish every day is not effective if you don’t produce good articles. High-quality contents should contain in-depth information about your niche specific for your target audience.

How to create an effective content?

  • Know your target audience
  • Brainstorm for topics (make sure it should be within your niche)
  • Identify popular keywords your audience use
  • Promote your content

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#4. Create videos

A one or two-minute video about how your product works for audience engagement will do. What to include?

  • Product breakdown
  • Benefits your audience will get

TIP: You can create an animated video that tells stories about how your software makes the life of your customer easy.

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#5. Host Business Events

In today’s marketing world, you have to be competitive to stand out. Hosting a memorable event creates a lasting impression for your company by allowing them to experience your product first hand. Event marketing is a good way to:

  • Promote brand awareness
  • Make connections
  • Build relationship
  • Gain trust of your prospective customers
  • An opportunity to generate new leads for your business

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#6. Develop Referral program

Marketing referrals is a good way to gain new customers. Physicians, doctors, and other healthcare providers have different organizations and are familiar with each other. Reach out to your previous and current clients and ask if they have friends, colleagues or family members who are looking for medical software or if not, ask if they can provide a word of mouth to them.

Here are more articles on software marketing:

Whether be it hiring good developers or having great marketing and sales team, the secret behind every successful software companies lies in its marketing strategies and the people behind it.



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How to Become a Major Merchant Market Player

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In this uber-fast paced world, sometimes it doesn’t matter so much whether your business is big or small. What matters more is how fast you do business or how convenient your delivery of goods or services is.

This can’t be truer in the global merchant services industry. As more and more customers rely on online services to order goods, so does the competition between merchant service providers stiffen. Clients realize the advantages and are always on the lookout for the best provider to emerge, or for the one with a breakthrough solution to improving the purchase process.

Here are some ways to make a name for your business in the extremely competitive merchant service industry:

Watch your Rates

How to Be a Major Market Player in the Global Merchant Industry

When you’re against the big boys, you cannot play according to their tempo. Chances are, they dictate the ballgame. The same is true with pricing. When you’re a newcomer, it is unwise to peg your rates on the same level as the leaders’. The technique is to do things at your own pace. What you have to do is get a portion of the market first, make a good impression, and slowly keep the rates up.

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Of course, people equate price with quality, that’s why it is also important to increase your rates as you get more and more mileage in the industry. Outsource if you need to, but make sure to get a provider that offers lower fees to you. When you think your services are at par with the best in the industry, do not hesitate to be competitive rates-wise.


Don’t Scrimp on Features

How to Be a Major Market Player in the Global Merchant Industry

When you’re trying to compete with the best, you do not scrimp on the features that retain customers: provide virtual terminals and shopping
cart services, offer eCheck services and 24/7 live support via email or toll-free number. Throw in a live chat support for good measure.

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Make them Feel Secure

How to Be a Major Market Player in the Global Merchant Industry

Securing your customers’ data is a no-brainer. In any relationship, a high level of trust is essential for it to thrive. If a customer trusts that their information is safe in your hands, then that customer will be more likely to patronize your business. You have to be able to protect customer data from any type theft, ensuring that your date security measures can not be breached by some overzealous hackers. White collar and cyber crimes are increasing at an alarming rate, so make sure you have five levels of fraud protection. Do not take for granted the fact that your clients also pay for peace of mind.

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Design a Cool Rewards Program

Who doesn’t want rewards? People have always reacted positively towards any form of positive reinforcement. In this business, it can’t get any better than offering your customers with some type of rewards program. As a merchant services provider, you can always design a rewards program that is unique to your type of business.

If you own a slew of other business, perhaps you can tap this resource to work to your advantage. Have you a car dealership? Offer free or discounted car rentals for every 1,000 kilometers they’ve traveled with your company. You own some hotels, too? A night of stay without charge for every 10 days of stay your customer has accumulated over a certain period might make him recommend you to his friends. Believe me, little things go a long way.

Of course, it wouldn’t be that easy to convince them, it takes a time to build a tremendous credibility to make your clients refer you to some other business.



Your business will also be judged according to your average start-up and monthly costs, how fast you approve applications, customer service and experience, and others. When you’re in a dilemma, just put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If you’re happy, your customer is probably happier. It won’t make you a major player overnight, but you know what they say about a happy customer.


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How to Lose Singaporean Employees in 10 Ways

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How to Lose Singaporean Employees in 10 Ways

Are you tired of hiring and training and ended up losing your best employees to your competitors?

Based on an article from sbr.com.sg, a survey by Robert Half says, 46% of Singapore employees don’t leave work on time and work longer hours for 2 to 3 times a week because of the current talent shortage. Given that fact, Ms Stella Tang, Director of Robert Half Singapore mentioned, “Companies must work hard to attract and retain their best employees”.

Running a business can be very challenging. When I lost some of my best employees, I heard rumors spreading about how it causes other employees to think and ask, “Why would that person quit? Why would the organization let someone as productive as him leave his job? Is the company in trouble? Should I be worried?”

Employees quit their job for different reasons. If you want to have 30-40 % higher employee turnover rates every year, then here are 10 ways on how to lose them.

#1. Don’t recognize their accomplishments.


Recognition helps employees feel motivated to repeat their efforts again.

#2. Don’t listen to your employees.


Conduct meetings involving your employees, ask about their challenges with their job and as a manager,  find ways on how to improve and make their life easier.

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#3. Measure hours of work done and not results.


Just because your employees are doing personal activities during their shift doesn’t mean they’re not doing their job. Sometimes you need to trust them to use their time wisely.

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#4. Don’t follow through.


Not following through can lead to complaints and frustrations. If you can’t follow through on something, be transparent and let them know the reason behind it.

#5. Have a negative atmosphere.

A more relaxed environment leads to happy employees who would love to go to work everyday.


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#6. Promote people straight up the ladder.


True, we hire the best people. But promoting even the experienced ones without giving them exposure to different parts of the business can cause harm in your company’s goals and objectives.

#7. Create and implement rules that were not thought of well.


Yes. Great employees want to have guidelines and direction, but they don’t want to have rules that get in the way of the quality of their job.

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#8. Don’t communicate with your employees.


You’ve got to communicate the good and the bad side of the business. They need to hear it from you. Or else, different sides of the story will come out.  

#9. Don’t provide learning.


Great employees want growth. They always look for a job where they can learn and develop their skills.

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#10. Don’t make things fun.

Work is a professional environment. However, workplace should be fun! Encourage team building and social activities.


According to Forbes.com, great employees are not replaceable. If you think you can hire someone better or can easily have someone with greater skills, then you’re just fooling yourself.

As a business owner, I don’t want to lose my best people and go through with the recruitment, hiring and training process all over again. The values, knowledge and skills gained through training and experience are irreplaceable and have a big impact in your organization.

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Where Consulting Firms Should Spend Their Marketing Resources

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Where Consulting Firms Should Spend Their Marketing Resources

Regardless if it’s a small consulting firm or a large consulting organization, Consulting companies are having a hard time because they’re marketing services to people without knowing if they need their services or not. Selling a product is easier because you are offering solutions to a customer’s need or want. However, selling a service means selling the value of your relationship with your clients and it’s harder to measure the quality of service especially if you’re new in the industry.

Consulting firms must focus their marketing efforts and resources on what’s important and refrain from spending their time, effort and money on things that aren’t even working for them.

In order to maximize the marketing team’s efforts and resources, consulting firms must spend on the following when selling their services.

Marketing planning

Marketing planning is important in every business. For marketing teams in a consulting firm, thorough planning is needed to achieve your marketing goals. Planning can help you determine what marketing strategy works for your organization.

Here’s how you should plan  A Marketing Planning Process for a Professional Services Firm from Rattleback.

Direct Mailing

One way to reach out to prospects is through email blast. It is the easiest and the cheapest way of providing information and letting your target market aware of your company. With the right targeted list, you can deliver the right message to the right people easily.

How to create attention-getting email?

  • Personalize your message. Address the email directly to them by using their name in the email. Create a message that emphasizes the current need or issues of your audience.
  • Stress the benefits of your service.

Here’s a sample template that we use to send out emails to our prospects.

Michelle Tan

Leng Kee Road, SiS Building, Singapore 159088


Hi Michelle,

We know that many companies in Singapore are spending big money in tracking all of their company’s expenses.  

We’ve recently develop a payment tracking software and we just finished testing it out. The results blew us away.

Call +65 1234 5678 for a free demo of our services that will allow you to:

– Pay and Receive payments online

– Keep track of all of your customer’s payments, real time

– Improve your cash flow


John Lee

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Here are some pointer on email marketing you could check into:

Cold Calls

Another way of reaching out to prospective customers is through cold calling. This is the fasting way of knowing whether your prospect is interested or not. Cold calling is necessary to grow your consulting business. Contacting prospects to know if they’re qualified for your business is important because it lets you identify which prospect to nurture and follow up and which ones are not worth your time, money and efforts.  

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Online Content

One way of letting your audience become aware of your company is by providing helpful content with relevant information. However, you must not overload your audience with information. Instead, create high quality contents stressing the only benefits that they can get when they consider your service depending on their needs and want.

Rattleback created a Content Marketing Wheel to think about what type of content and topics to have.

content marketing wheel

Content Marketing Wheel

content marketing wheel

Here’s an example of how they apply their Content Marketing Wheel to their content marketing campaign.

As of April 2014, this is how this collection of content has performed for us:

  • Site Visits: 2,780 page views (~40% to the flagship content + ~60% to our ancillary content designed to attract potential clients)
  • Conversions: 293
  • Email Subscribers: 152
  • Opportunities: 3

Consulting firms create different marketing campaigns on almost everything just to generate income for their business. Their marketing teams should focus on spending their marketing efforts and resources on the things that matter. Planning, direct mailing, cold calling and online content are where they’re supposed to put their efforts on to help them increase their customers and generate more income to grow their business.


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Recap of The Worst and The Best Marketing Strategies in 2016 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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2016 is over! And every year, companies are always looking for new ways to promote their business, whether they have a new product or not.

Some of their marketing efforts were able to earn an exceptional result. However, not all incredible marketing idea will work as expected.  Let’s see last year’s the worst and the best marketing strategies.

Here are the 5 Funny Marketing Campaigns in 2016:

Recap of Bad and The Best Marketing Strategies in 2016


#1: Republica Parrillera Pilsner Beer

The billboard looks very enticing from the front, but from the back? Well hello!

Lesson:Check every aspects of your campaign ads. Make sure from top to bottom, front and back it’s ethical.

#2: Clinica Dental

This is the perfect example of a logo fail! Pay a visit to this dentist and you’re likely to get more than your teeth fixed.

Lesson: Try something different to stand out but don’t avoid all trends to be different. A logo tells story about your brand and sets you apart from your competitors.

#3: Budweiser for date rape

The perfect beer for #whateverhappens.

Lesson: Catchy and slogans with humor is good. However, be careful of different advertising interpretations.

#4: Starbucks wants to talk about race

“Race Together” caption written on cups to encouraged customers to start a discussion about race.

Lesson: When choosing a tagline, be sensitive of what consumers might feel even if your intention is good.

#5: McDonald’s promoting discussion about terrorism

Bringing up issues about terrorism to customers.

Lesson: Try to turn negatives into positives. Sure you’re promoting against terrorism. But who wants to order and engage into a conversation about past terrorist attacks such as 911? It brings back bad and sad memories.

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Some fantastic marketing ideas failed to work because of the unforeseen loopholes but how do we make sure all of our marketing efforts won’t go to waste? Let’s learn from the following companies with the best marketing strategies in 2016

#1: Penny The Pirate – OPSM

A children’s storybook with eye testing features to screen children’s sight for parents to find out whether they needed an eye test.

#2: #LikeAGirl – Always

A campaign about encouragement and a battle against the drop in confidence every girls experience during puberty.

#3: Share A Coke – Coca Cola

“Share a coke”, a slogan about sharing. Coca Cola encourage consumers to buy a Coke to share with families and friend and to share their Coca-Cola stories.

#4: If We Made It – Newcastle Brown Ale

An honest, no frills beer ad.

#5: The Priceless Engine – Mastercard

Mastercard’s ‘New Year’s Eve’ campaign to deliver the right offers and messages to the right people at the right time by providing deeper insights to its partners.

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While some marketing campaigns are known for its success, others, well, failed to get good attention from their audience. So the next time you and your team decided to do brainstorming for new marketing ideas, take note and learn from the worst and best marketing strategies mentioned above.



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