Shocking Statistics in Content Marketing in Asia for 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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So you know who and how many are reading and sharing your content but have you got any idea on how your marketing efforts compete with other Asian counterparts?

If you feel like finding your feet on your current marketing efforts, wait til you see some shocking statistics in Content Marketing in Asia in this infographic:

Shocking Statistics in Content Marketing in Asia for 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]


Transcript here:


Key Statistics Revealing The State Of Content Marketing In Asia Pacific In 2016 Marketers in Asia Pacific believe in the power of content marketing to generate ROI

49% of businesses in APAC intend to increase their content marketing resources during the rest of 2016.


Business in Asia Pacific are doing content marketing, but haven’t quite cracked it yet.

70% of APAC businesses feel their content marketing efforts are limited, basic, or inconsistent

62% of APAC businesses are creating more content in 2016 than they did in 2015.

50% of businesses in APAC are doing content marketing, but have no strategy.

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The key issues with managing content in this region are the creation of quality content and developing a strategy

57% of APAC marketers say producing quality content is an obstacle to their success.

56% of marketers in Asia Pacific struggle with content strategy.

53% of marketers in APAC struggle to produce enough content.

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Apac marketers are finding success with blogging and promotion on Facebook.

47% of marketers in APAC have the most success with blog posts and articles

35% of APAC marketers rate e-newsletters or online magazines as effective forms of content marketing.

37% of marketers in APAC find Facebook advertising to be the most effective form of paid promotion.

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Asia marketer are focused mainly on top-of-funnel when it comes to measuring the success of their content marketing

69% of APAC businesses use website traffic to measure of content marketing success.

62% of APAC marketers measure their content success using social shares.


Additional content marketing stats that you should know:

Only 40% of businesses in Asia are convinced of the value of content marketing & can measure its ROI.

62% of businesses in Asia struggle to create sufficient volumes of quality content.

51% of marketers in Asia plan to increase investment in promoting their content via earned media (PR & social sharing).

58% of marketers in Asia struggle to define the best content & influencers to build reach and support conversion.


The current statistics in Content Marketing will help marketers discover which aspect should they focus their efforts on, cope with the challenges and create action plans to improve strategies in 2017 .





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Recap of The Worst and The Best Marketing Strategies in 2016 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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2016 is over! And every year, companies are always looking for new ways to promote their business, whether they have a new product or not.

Some of their marketing efforts were able to earn an exceptional result. However, not all incredible marketing idea will work as expected.  Let’s see last year’s the worst and the best marketing strategies.

Here are the 5 Funny Marketing Campaigns in 2016:

Recap of Bad and The Best Marketing Strategies in 2016


#1: Republica Parrillera Pilsner Beer

The billboard looks very enticing from the front, but from the back? Well hello!

Lesson:Check every aspects of your campaign ads. Make sure from top to bottom, front and back it’s ethical.

#2: Clinica Dental

This is the perfect example of a logo fail! Pay a visit to this dentist and you’re likely to get more than your teeth fixed.

Lesson: Try something different to stand out but don’t avoid all trends to be different. A logo tells story about your brand and sets you apart from your competitors.

#3: Budweiser for date rape

The perfect beer for #whateverhappens.

Lesson: Catchy and slogans with humor is good. However, be careful of different advertising interpretations.

#4: Starbucks wants to talk about race

“Race Together” caption written on cups to encouraged customers to start a discussion about race.

Lesson: When choosing a tagline, be sensitive of what consumers might feel even if your intention is good.

#5: McDonald’s promoting discussion about terrorism

Bringing up issues about terrorism to customers.

Lesson: Try to turn negatives into positives. Sure you’re promoting against terrorism. But who wants to order and engage into a conversation about past terrorist attacks such as 911? It brings back bad and sad memories.

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Some fantastic marketing ideas failed to work because of the unforeseen loopholes but how do we make sure all of our marketing efforts won’t go to waste? Let’s learn from the following companies with the best marketing strategies in 2016

#1: Penny The Pirate – OPSM

A children’s storybook with eye testing features to screen children’s sight for parents to find out whether they needed an eye test.

#2: #LikeAGirl – Always

A campaign about encouragement and a battle against the drop in confidence every girls experience during puberty.

#3: Share A Coke – Coca Cola

“Share a coke”, a slogan about sharing. Coca Cola encourage consumers to buy a Coke to share with families and friend and to share their Coca-Cola stories.

#4: If We Made It – Newcastle Brown Ale

An honest, no frills beer ad.

#5: The Priceless Engine – Mastercard

Mastercard’s ‘New Year’s Eve’ campaign to deliver the right offers and messages to the right people at the right time by providing deeper insights to its partners.

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While some marketing campaigns are known for its success, others, well, failed to get good attention from their audience. So the next time you and your team decided to do brainstorming for new marketing ideas, take note and learn from the worst and best marketing strategies mentioned above.



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Reach Prospects in Asia with Less Effort and 3x Results [VIDEO]

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Multi-channel marketing is a way to reach out and interact with potential customers through voice, email, social, chat, website and mobile.

Why Multi-Channel Marketing?

Companies do this type of marketing so it’ll be easier for prospects to find their product in all possible marketing channels and eventually turn them into sales-ready leads. But how can asian companies reach their prospects and get better results with Multi-Channel Marketing?

#1 Set and Focus on your end goals

Ask yourself, “What do you want to accomplish?”.

Do you want to:

  • Increase Targeted Traffic?
  • Increase Inquiries?
  • Increase Sales
  • Become an Authority?
  • Establish your Brand?

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#2 Create Your Own Measurement Standard Before Implementing a Campaign

You won’t know how effective your campaign is unless you have set a measurable standard. Before implementing a campaign, develop and set your metrics even if you can’t decide how to measure actual results yet.

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#3 Use a Tracking Tool To Monitor Your Success

Keep track of your daily or weekly progress to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

  • But why do you need a tracking tool?
  • To know what works for your business
  • To increase efficiency
  • For higher customer retention

Check out The Three-Step Guide to Better Customer Retention in Singapore

#4 Leverage Industry Influencers

They have decades of experience and a handful of information that you can use to help you reach your goal. Follow and engage with them on their social media account/page. They have lots of followers that will surely help boost awareness for your brand and eventually — gain you leads.

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#5 Develop Good Customer Relationship

Building relationship with your customers will help you achieve customer satisfaction.

Why customer satisfaction is important?

  • It shows if your products or services meet the customer’s expectation.

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  • It provides companies with metrics to manage and improve their business.
  • It earns customer’s loyalty and word of mouth marketing.

So to truly get the word out to prospects with less effort on your marketing strategies, don’t just rely on a single channel. Instead, reach your asian prospects and get 3x results with these multi-channel marketing techniques.



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The Secrets to Increase your Database with Qualified Contacts [VIDEO]

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Video Transcript:

You called Shengya Company today but a nice robotic voice on the other line said…

“The number you called is now disconnected.”

“Disconnected huh! How can that be uncontactable, this is the same database I used two years ago!”

Savvy Marketer: Wait, did you just say two years? Hey, that’s a lifetime of wasted time and effort on dead contacts.

Did you know that 35% of business data becomes obsolete every year? And if you’ve been using the same database a year or more ago, you’re more likely to be calling invalid or the worse, dead contacts.

Get your database some life man!

Let me share with you some secrets on how to increase your database with qualified contacts.

Run a customer profiling campaign!

If you’re not equipped to do the job, outsource an expert who has thought processes and tools to do the following jobs on your behalf.

  • Verification of Data
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Deduplication
  • Database Management

Here’s How to Get Targeted List in Singapore with the Help of an Outsourced Lead Gen Company

Caller: “Are these four different from one another? Can I just pick one process instead?”

Savvy Marketer: Different, yes, but they are linking processes that work as one. Take a look at how it’s done.


Your service provider will send Initial Email copies to their email addresses to test the accuracy level of your database. “Delivered” emails, which return replies and show actions signify the activeness of the contacts.


Data Verification: they telephone the contacts to verify all details like, business name, contact name, business address, phone numbers, emails, social media accounts and other important information.


Data Scrubbing: missing details and goneaways are replaced.


Deduplication: duplicates are deleted to give room for fresh, active contacts.


Database Management:

Remember to keep your database well-managed, updated and fully locked and loaded with qualified contacts. Once that’s done, you’ll discover embedded knowledge that would result to a productive, successful campaign.

Caller: “Will I get someone to answer my call if I follow your tips?”

Savvy Marketer: Go on and call.

“Hi, thank you for calling Shengya Company, this is Mulan how may I help you”



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How to Get rid of Dead Leads on Your Database?

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The Perfect Sales Process to Surefire Business Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Sales is a critical part of the success and growth of every business. However, not all sales reps are born “sales superstar”. It takes training, dedication and hard work.

It is more about the process than luck. Which means, the more your reach out to prospects, the more you are likely to close a sale. There are different ways to market your brand. Each product has its own features and benefits and every prospect has their own needs.

Here’s an infographic to guide you and increase your chances of sales success. 

 The Perfect Sales Process


Infographic Transcript:


Identifying your potential customers. It is an essential part of the job of a salesperson as this will help increase your sale.

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The “Discovery” stage is all about your prospect! This is the part where you get to know the prospect’s current setup to learn about their issues and challenges. At the same time, be able to identify their needs for your product or service.

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Proposal is where you inform the prospect about your product and services, its features and benefits. In order to do this more effectively, go back to the “Discovery” stage. Understand your prospect’s needs and wants and identify how your product or service can help and benefit them.

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The negotiation part plays an important role in the sales process as the negotiator tries to customize a package based on the needs of the prospect and influence his decision to purchase

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The easiest or the most difficult stage in the sales process depending on how well you did during the earlier stages. In this stage, you get the commitment of your prospect, set up an appointment and discuss about the pricing and eventually close the deal. 

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How fast can you bounce back when you can’t find the right words to say during a sales call?

Check out Rebound After a Horrible Sales Call [Video]

Rebound After a Horrible Sales Call [Video]

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Rebound After a Horrible Sales Call [Video]

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How fast can you bounce back when you can’t find the right words to say during a sales call?


A bad sales call can turn into a nightmare and ruin a potential sale. You must know how to take proper precautions to be able to recover. Let’s admit it. Everyone will experience having a bad day regardless how good you are in what you’re doing. Don’t let it ruin your day! Instead, learn from it and move on. Bad experiences along the way can be turned into a positive learning.





Video transcript:

Just got off the phone with a prospect, and it didn’t quite go well? It’s okay to feel bad. Afterall, nobody wants to screw up at work.

But how do you get yourself back and recover from a shitty sales calls?

Get some distance

Get up and step away from your desk.

  • Take a 10 minute break.
  • Get a coffee.
  • Go outside and take some fresh air.

Reflect on what went wrong

Turn bad sales call into an opportunity

  • What could I have said better?
  • Could I have handled the situation differently?
  • How could I have responded?

Everyone can commit mistakes once in awhile. What matters is what you did after to recover. Be positive and turn it into a learning opportunity. Don’t let it affect your future performance.

How about you? How do you get back in the game after a bad sales call? Let us know! Comment below.



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7 Stats that Says Email Marketing is the BEST Among Other Channels [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Infographic originally posted on

In your B2B marketing campaigns, what lead generation channel do you use?

Today, there are couple of marketing channels that we could choose from. These lead generation strategies include:

  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • and the old fashion but still kicking telemarketing

But among these options, Isn’t EMAIL MARKETING the BEST strategy to invest in. Let me tell you why I think it’s still the most reliable channel. Browse over the stats in this infographic and you’ll end up agreeing with me.

7 Stats That Proves Email Marketing Is Still The MOST Reliable Channel [INFOGRAPHIC]


Infographic Transcript:

Email marketing has an ROI of 4,300%Twitter_bird_icon

Source: Direct Marketing Association

Revenue from email has increased by 28% from 2013-2014Twitter_bird_icon

Source: Email Marketing Industry Census 2014

60% of marketers believe email marketing produces positive ROITwitter_bird_icon

Source: Marketing Sherpa

40% of qualified leads discover sites via email Twitter_bird_icon

Source: Marketing Land

64% of decision-makers read emails via mobile devicesTwitter_bird_icon

Source: SalesForce

Adding social sharing buttons to email messages an increase click-through rates by more than 150%Twitter_bird_icon

Source: SocialTimes

56% of businesses plan to increase their email marketing efforts this yearTwitter_bird_icon

Source: CustomerMinds


More AMAZING Email Marketing Tips!


Make your business messages stand out – right off the bat. Our email marketing process has made a lot successful campaigns.


Learn more about how we generate leads through email marketing.

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Callbox Shares Lead Qualification Secrets in Singapore Through Answering 4Ws and 1H

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In this presentation, we reveal how we generate highly qualified leads  in Singapore through a set of lead qualification standards. We would like to share Callbox Lead Qualification Secrets. By answering these frequently asked questions:

What is a qualified Lead?
Who qualifies the Lead?
When should a QA qualify a Lead?
Where can you find qualified Leads?
How does a Quality Analyst qualify a Lead?


What is a qualified Lead?

A lead will be considered qualified if the campaign specifications were indicated or heard from the call. The prospect must express a buying signal or verbalize his “need” from the product or services offered by the client.

Who qualifies the Lead?

The Quality Analyst (QA) is the subject-matter-expert who is responsible in evaluating the Leads based on the campaign specifications. Once the QA qualifies the Lead, he/she submits this to the client.

When should a QA qualify a Lead?

As soon as a Lead is submitted by the caller the Quality Analyst (QA) should approve it within the day. However, some cases may demand another schedule for evaluation depending on either the urgency of the appointment or upon client’s request.

Where can you find qualified Leads?

You can find the submitted leads in the QA Lead Editor Tool. Qualified Leads or Successful Leads can be seen or tracked in the Pipeline CRM, tagged as Appointment Set, Lead Completed or Profile Completed – depending on the campaign or client requirement.

How does a Quality Analyst qualify a Lead?

Evaluating a Lead goes through a strict process. From the word itself, there is no room for any blunder that may lead to any untoward action from the client.

See full article on The 4Ws & 1H of a Qualified Lead




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More Reasons Why You Need To Outsourcing Your Lead Generation (Infographic)

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Outsourcing lead generation helps businesses focus on improving their product and services while the b2b lead generation provider works for their marketing campaign.

The main reason why most companies in IT and Software industry choose to outsourced rather than train and build themselves their in-house marketing staff.

Aside from the obvious there are more reasons why you should let b2b lead generation company do the work for you.

Infographics_Planning to Outsource