The ‘PERFECT’ Time to Call a Prospect


The 'PERFECT' Timing to Call a Prospect in Singapore

When is the perfect time to call a prospect?

Topics have been discussed and debated in many telemarketing books and blogs about this, but according to, the best days and time to call are during Wednesdays & Thursdays, 6:45 – 9:00am and 4 – 6pm – the perfect timings to get hold of prospects as these are non-hectic hours during weekdays.

However,  prospecting strategies like reaching the target decision makers at the most perfect time, has greatly  evolved with processes and technology development. The evolution of marketing automation in particular, where a prospect’s action and intent to communicate can be tracked through the integrated power of nurturing tools and the crm, has made the call activity multi-functional, and the telemarketer more productive, taking both into a new perspective:

Call the prospect at the time he is most convenient to talk.

This does not merely pertain to the standard day of the week and the hour of the day to call, but the prospect’s preferred schedule –  the time when he’s out of the meeting room and just  browsing some emails while sipping a cup of coffee at his desk, probably  waiting for the the next agenda..

As mentioned earlier, automation tools can  track actions like visiting a website or clicking a contact me form in an email, so strike the iron while it’s hot:

Call the prospect right away after he has taken an action.

Apply the The 5 to 5 Calling Rule for Inbound Leads, this calling strategy has generated over 40%  increase in sales. 

Get hold of the favorable circumstance at the soonest time possible. This is a best practice especially for 1st call encounter wherein the prospect has the highest level of interest in knowing more about your product or service and what benefits the business can get.

Run against time and chance. When you received an email reply where a prospect asks you a question about what you offer or if he requires you to give him a call, never let go of the chance on making a good impression on your first call and keep up with time, as fast as you can. The longer it takes for you to place the call, the chance to reach the prospect diminishes and his level of interest decreases. So it is best to:

Call the prospect at a time when he is expecting your call.

The prospect may have questions after he has read your introductory email, or he  maybe urgently needing some information that he hasn’t found answers to from the reference materials you sent or from the website.

But not all contacts would be available as scheduled so you have to take the chance that each new business day brings. And that is to pick up the phone and call contacts that were tagged as  “Follow Up”,  “Not Available”, or even those who said in the previous month that they’re “Not Interested”. These prospects may not be expecting your call but who knows, some of them may already have the “need” for your product at this time or are open to see options this time around.

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Every new day brings opportunities and rooms for growth. Make the best of each day and time that comes to get in touch with prospects – whether it’s scheduled or not, the best time or a chance by luck. Have all these optimistic views everyday and inspiration from Sales Playbook:

Everyday . . .

A new business is born that requires your product or service

A business wants to grow and they need your help

A business moves into your area finding it easier to deal with a local company

A new buyer joins the company looking to make a name for them self

That old buyer who used to tell you “NO” may have left

A company needs to get better market share . . . your idea can help


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What Good Can B2B Telemarketing Give to Event Management Companies

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What Good Can B2B Telemarketing Give to Event Management Companies

Organizing events is a tough job. Event management companies in Singapore could not agree more. You have to make sure not just to invite intended audience but also ascertain if guests are sanguine to participate. It would be useless to set-up a trade show or a conference without meeting half or most of the expected population. In this case, event managers have to find the right way to attract participants through gentle persuasion.

Instead of slogging in face-to-face activities, why not try event telemarketing? Why tire your company and lose a lot of money with door-to-door undertaking if the task can be accomplished through telemarketing in Singapore? Although some companies may show doubts with this move, they just cannot gainsay that marketing through the phone does not just provide faster results. It is also an effective instrument in convincing attendants to participate in the organized events.

Speed has always been the biggest asset of B2B telemarketing. Singaporean firms that outsource lead generation services can attest to this. They have been served with qualified b2b sales leads without even exerting a lot of effort online and face-to-face interaction. The same is true in event management. Invitations are done at faster speed, which optimizes productivity. Apart from expediting the process, engaging a dialogue directly with the potential attendants gives the caller an opportunity to persuade them. This puts the phone as a reliable tool when for event management companies.