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With a trusted track record spanning over 100K businesses in Singapore, Callbox is your ultimate B2B partner. Cement your foothold in the Singapore market alongside other successful enterprises that have tapped into our unparalleled expertise.


Singapore Lead Generation

Our proven lead generation services put qualified leads directly into your sales pipeline, fueling your growth in the dynamic Singapore market.

Multi-Channel Approach

We reach your target audience across various channels, maximizing lead capture and engagement for a successful Singapore lead generation program.

Singapore Contact List

Leverage our deep understanding of the Singapore market to connect you with the right decision-makers, boosting your lead generation efforts.

Event Powerhouse in Singapore

We manage impactful events and experiences tailored for the Singapore audience, generating high-quality leads and propelling your brand awareness.

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Industry-Focused Lead Generation

Attract High-Value B2B Clients by Industry

With expertise in B2B domains such as IT, Software, Manufacturing, Health Tech, and Fintech, we empower companies to attract qualified leads through industry-specific strategies and targeted business events.

Cross-border Lead Generation

IT Services

Streamline your tech sales with our industry-specific IT lead generation solutions, turning decision-makers into loyal customers.

Software Products

Optimize outbound calls, connect with qualified software buyers, and focus your team on closing deals with qualified appointments.

Manufacturing Firms

Our lead generation fast-tracks your manufacturing marketing by connecting you with targeted, high-quality leads.

MICE Companies

We streamline event marketing for MICE companies, boosting registrations and conversions with our proven solutions.

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Callbox Singapore Awards and Recognition

Top Ranking B2B Lead Generation Services

Over 14 years, Callbox has been driven to help B2B businesses of all sizes and sectors reach their business goals, one high-quality lead at a time. Our in-depth industry knowledge has earned us a good global reputation, helping businesses drive revenue and expand to wider markets, including APAC.

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Callbox Singapore Lead Generation Success Stories

ICT Giant Impressed with Callbox’s Lead Generation Efforts, Extends Partnership for 6 More Months

ICT Giant Impressed with Callbox’s Lead Generation Efforts, Extends Partnership for 6 More Months | The Client renewed their contract with Callbox for another 6 months after gaining impressive results in their initial campaign. Read the full story here.

125 Sales Appointments
341 Marketing Qualified Leads
443 Social Media Connections

Callbox Singapore FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions? We got answers for you. We're here to help with your B2B solutions. If you have any further questions, please shoot us a message or start a chat with us.

What is marketing lead generation?

Marketing lead generation is the process of attracting and capturing potential clients who are interested in a company’s products or services. The goal of lead generation is to identify and nurture prospects into paying customers.

How can I leverage AI lead generation for my business?

AI offers significant insights by finding important patterns and trends, allowing firms to better understand their customers. Callbox’s SMART Engage approach involves the strategic mix of AI-powered inbound (website, chat, events) and outbound (email, voice, social, instant messaging) channels to optimize engagement, with the ultimate goal of generating qualified appointments and boosting conversion rates.

Discover how you can leverage Callbox Smart Engage to generate leads. Enquire Now.

How can I acquire more clients with a B2B lead generation program?

To acquire more clients with a B2B lead generation program, you need to identify your target audience, use lead magnets, follow up with leads promptly, and use a CRM system. If you’re considering expansion in the diverse APAC and US markets, outsourcing to trusted B2B lead generation experts like Callbox can ensure that your marketing efforts are directed toward tangible results.

How much do your lead generation services cost?

Our pricing is customized to your company’s needs and the services you choose. To get started, our team of experts will conduct a thorough assessment to see if we are a good fit to run the campaign for your business. Request pricing!

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