6-Day Lead Management Bootcamp [Free Email Course]

Lead management is a vital part of today’s B2B marketing and sales processes. When done right, it ensures that you engage leads consistently throughout the funnel and helps you maximize conversions at each stage.

Our Lead Management Bootcamp is a free, 6-part email course that offers in-depth discussions, practical advice, and hands-on activities to help you create and implement a solid lead management program.

Whether you’re a lead management expert or just getting started, this course teaches you all the key concepts and ideas for managing prospects and leads in a multi-touch, multi-channel pipeline:

  • Creating clear and precise lead definitions using ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and buyer personas
  • Choosing the right data points that best determine prospects’ fit and intent
  • Setting up and applying a lead scoring model
  • Defining relevant lead nurture paths for each prospect segment
  • Laying the ground work for smooth lead handoff
  • Implementing a system for tracking leads and results

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