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Never waste another cold call. Get qualified appointments scheduled for phone, online, or in-person meetings.

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Beyond list compilation, we ensure to provide you with top-tier potential clients and secure meetings on your behalf. Bring your brand to us. We'll do the hard work for you.

We tailor our appointment-setting approach according to your needs

  • Reach your target audience

    Our expertise in telemarketing, cold-calling, and appointment scheduling equip you with the tools to engage, connect, and set up meetings with your target market in Singapore and across the globe.

  • Book Qualified Meetings

    We craft personalized messages, generate appointments, qualify them, and book meetings through our multi-touch, multi-channel approach. We do the follow up and nurturing process for you.

  • Boost Sales Conversions

    Our smart appointment-setting strategy, along with dedicated sales reps, bridges the gap between top-of-funnel lead gen and prospect conversion, which makes the closing of deals easier.

B2B Appointment Setting in Singapore

Scale your customer base in Singapore

Appointment Setting APAC

Callbox's integrated B2B appointment setting service is designed to identify the key decision-makers in your target market and book sales meetings with the most qualified prospects. With the use of a combination of research, data analysis, and direct outreach techniques, we ensure that your sales team meets the right people at the right time.

Benefits of Outsourcing B2B Appointment Setting

What can you gain from using our appointment setting services?

Benefits of B2B Appointment Setting
  • Increased number of sales appointments
  • Provide value through quality leads and extensive client list details
  • Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales team
  • Access cutting-edge lead generation strategies
  • Strengthened sales pipeline and increase in revenue
  • Boost your sales closing rate

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Why Choose Callbox

For over 15 years, we have remained committed to supporting our clients in achieving their business objectives by providing them with qualified sales opportunities, connecting and engaging with their target prospects, and ensuring an increase in conversion and close rates.

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Over 14 years, Callbox has been driven to help B2B businesses of all sizes and sectors reach their business goals, one high-quality lead at a time. Our in-depth industry knowledge has earned us a good global reputation, helping businesses drive revenue and expand to wider markets, including APAC.

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Callbox Lead Generation Success Stories

SG-based 3PL Company Doubles Sales Appointments, Gears Up For Expansion

It’s not about inbound vs. outbound, but combining the two strategies to get robust results. That’s what a Singapore logistics company learned after they successfully added outbound into the mix—with the help of Callbox.

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