5 Key Steps Towards Engaging Sales Appointments for Singaporean Companies

5 Key Steps towards Engaging Sales Appointments for Singaporean Companies

 Singapore indeed deserves to be called for what it is – a loud and proud commercial lion, its eyes set on expanding the growth of its financial and IT sectors this 2015. This is a good thing since the influx of investments brings with it huge opportunities to realize growth for your company.

B2B appointment setting in Singapore is no doubt a serious endeavor, one that requires you to know the best approaches in engaging B2B prospects through a telemarketing call.

To better prepare for sales engagements in Singapore, try these tips for a constantly productive appointment setting campaign.

1. Profile your leads. There are probably thousands of business prospects up for grabs out there in the Lion City. Finding the right people that can easily convert to a sale is a matter of creating an ideal client profile. You will need to strip each prospect down to their basic elements, namely their needs and wants. Focusing on these attributes enables you to focus your resources on individuals with high sales possibilities.

2. Nurture them like a baby. You have a prospect that fits your client profile, but a willingness to buy your product is at this point nonexistent. They need to be nourished with information before they can build enough interest to consider a purchase. Consider an email blast complemented by scheduled telemarketing calls to create the needed stir.

3. Score your interactions. Lead scoring is as compulsory to B2B marketing as tomato sauce is to pizza. Without it, you get a bland, unappetizing dish you can never enjoy. Just imagine handing your salespeople with leads that won’t even convert. If you opt to save time and resources, then implement a scoring system that directs you towards prospects of high opportunity.

4. Set the appointment. Once the prospect is hot enough, you should be able to let your appointment setters do their thing, which is schedule a sales meeting with an agent. With a date set, it is just a matter of talking about the fine points about your offers. Doing it right pulls the prospect closer towards a purchase and seals what could be a lasting business partnership.

5. Make competency central. Make no mistake. Lead generation and appointment setting are two complex universes that should be mastered. In this sense, you might want to gain an extra boost from a multi-channel B2B marketing company that knows how succulent Singapore leads can be.