Five Tips in Effective Appointment Setting

Five Tips in Effective Appointment Setting

Setting up an appointment may sound easy but once you get to be the person on the phone, talking to the customers might not sound like what you expected. However, there are tips to effectively set an appointment.

A Call Always Work Out With a Plan

Most call centers follow a call flow, in order to take control of the call. A call flow is mainly a checklist of all the necessary and relevant information that must be shared to the customers. And most importantly the list should include the order of how the conversation should flow that way the call is organized and not stray too much off of the topic.

Smile through your Voice

When talking to a person face-to-face, if you want them to listen to you, you smile. You want to sound and look friendly. Over the phone, you can’t see the customers; however smiling will still make you sound friendly. It is easier to communicate if the line is clear and effortless. Make them feel comfortable with the conversation. If you sound nice it is easy to convince people.

Impress the Customer

Every sales call is like a meal, there has to be a sumptuous and tempting main course. In a sales call you have to have an offer that a customer can’t say no to. The tricky part is how to build up the offer while mostly the first part of the call would include resistant from the customer. Engage them first with the benefits and then impress them with the offer. The offer mainly will be the reason why you are making a call to set up the appointment.

Engage on a Conversation

When on a call, you don’t always talk, you also listen. Sounding pleasant and interested in what the customer has to say always helps a conversation to flow spontaneously. However, remember to keep the conversation on topic as much as possible without sounding uninterested. Don’t forget to explain the reason of calling, in a clear manner. The duration of the appointment is a necessary mention since most people value their time. The technique in leading a good conversation is to ask open ended questions, paraphrase their answers and affirm it to them so they’ll pick up the habit of saying yes.

Don’t Be Discouraged by a No

Giving up is a phrase that must not exist in appointment setting. Every call must be separated from each other; after all it was a different person at the receiving end. If a prospect says no, always evaluate what part of the call did not go well and work on it and use it if a similar situation happens again. Be positive and get positive results after.