How to Manage Your Appointment Setting Team Like Baseball

How to Manage Your Appointment Setting Team Like Baseball

If there is one thing that can be said about baseball, it has a lot of connection with managing a business. Sure, swinging a bat or catching a ball is all sport to you, but the underlying principles can be transferred into business. Among the lessons that you can glean from it deals with managing your marketing team, like in your appointment setting campaign.

Just like baseball, you need to know a few important things before you start generating useful sales leads for your business. Among these are:

Looking at the numbers, but relying on instincts – just like the time when Girardi replaced all. Star baseman Rodriguez in the 9th winning with Ibanez in order to hit a homerun (due to gut feeling), businesses owners should also use the numbers to get a clear picture of their market. But when the time requires it, you should also learn to trust your instincts.

Make the choice and stand by them – making that sacrifice play, or a trade from another team, can be painful, but the only way you can tell whether you made the right choice or not is at the end of the game. Do not falter in your business decisions and see it through the end. That lead generation gamble might pay off.

Keep calm and keep going – just like a baseball game, there is no fool-proof plan. One thing or another can affect your B2B leads operation, and it is your job to stay calm and plan your next step.

It also helps if you can choose the appropriate marketing medium for the job. Be it social media or telemarketing, you have to ensure that this is a match for your business.