The Anatomy Of Viral Content For Appointment Setting

The Anatomy Of Viral Content For Appointment Setting

We all want our content to go viral. Just think of the various marketing possibilities for your appointment setting team once your audience gets exposed to your viral content. When your content goes viral, more people will talk about your product, the more it is talked about, the more prominent your offer is in the audience’s mind, and the more prominent your product is, the less you have to spend on your sales leads generating efforts.

But what consists of a viral content? What are the essentials in creating a viral marketing campaign?

To understand the concept of viral, we need to first understand the two elements that define it: the content should be worthy of spreading, and it should also have benefits in spreading it. While the second part is easy enough to fulfill, how can we make sure that the first qualification is satisfied? You need that to work properly for your lead generation process.

  1. It must be funny – humor is part of our psychology, and we cannot help but spread a funny tale.
  2. It must be incredible – we tend to spread the word on amazing or unbelievable stuff.
  3. It must be emotional – we usually share stories and content that touches our hearts.
  4. It is agreeable to you – we often use content that backs up or reinforces our own opinions.
  5. It makes us think – we often share content that makes us stop and ponder the big picture in life.
  6. It is not covered by media – relevant news that slip the news channel is worthy of sharing, right?
  7. It makes people smile – feel-good stories are stuff we want others to know about.
  8. It is gossip-worthy – dramatic events or tales spreads fast in the rumor mill, increasing discussion.
  9. It is embarrassing – does anyone remember Caitlin Upton?
  10. It is provocative – not in the extreme way, just more along the lines of slight spice to be shared.

Viral content spreads naturally. To make it rewarding, we need methods to collect the benefits. Communication tools like social media and telemarketing would be very useful methods for the task at hand.