The Cardinal Sins Of B2B Appointment Setting In Singapore

A businessman that looks worried while looking at his phone

You have to be fast and effective in Singapore, this is the one lead generation rule that you should never forget. This may be a small country, but it plays a huge role in the global economy. A lot of businesses, both foreign and local, are heavily invested in the progress of Singapore. It would be the same thing for your B2B appointment setting company. With all the stress and pressure to dominate over the competition, some marketers make mistakes. Sure, this is normal, something you can resolve, but you should be aware of the seven major marketing gaffes you can make. Know what these are, and avoid it. That would ensure the continued success of your B2B leads efforts.

Seven Entrepreneurial Traits That Boost Your Appointment Setting Campaign In Singapore

  1. Anger – if you are the type of manager who constantly breathes down on your employees’ necks, well, be ready to receive a lot of resentment. Yes, they might be compelled to keep working, but you might end up stifling creativity or squash new business ideas.
  2. Greed – you want to get a lot of customers, go ahead, get them all. But you have to make sure that you can deliver to everyone. Remember, there is a limit to how many people you can serve. Fail on that, and your customers will leave. You would be lucky if that is all they do. More likely than not, they will complain about you through social media. Now that would really hurt.
  3. Laziness – people tend to lose steam when they see others taking it easy while they are working hard. But this is a subjective topic. People might compare themselves to others with a different job description. Compare B2B telemarketers and PR personnel. They do promote the company, but the kind of work they do is different.
  4. Pride – being confident over your skills is not bad. It is going overboard and ignoring the opinion of others. Sometimes, you just have to learn how to listen, to accept the solution of others (especially if this is more effective than the one you have thought up). This is for the sake of your company’s survival.
  5. Lust – passion drives a person do great things, so are those involved in telemarketing campaigns. The problem arises when you do your tasks without regards to the consequences. Even if the allure of bigger sales is irresistible, you should learn to control yourself.  It might have a bad effect on your company.
  6. Envy – do you feel that your competitor’s sales leads strategy is better than yours? That is a normal reaction. What is not normal is for you to either copy that strategy, speak negatively about them, and a host of other things that can also damage your own business. Honestly, please avoid them.
  7. Gluttony – all right, you might have a really good business plan or strategy, but you should not keep it to yourself. Since markets change over time, you should be willing to share your knowledge with others. You can take that time to come up with another process, or you can take the discussions as a spring board for another winning marketing plan.

Avoid these major sins, and your appointment setting campaign in Singapore will be just fine.