The Five Types Of Appointment Setting Representatives


Like everything you do in life, you need to make the right choices to maximize your benefits. In terms of appointment setting campaigns, you have to choose the right people, technology, medium, and market in order to generate sales leads effectively. Of the four things you need to keep an eye on, perhaps the most important would be the first. After all, no matter how good your tools are, or how easy to enter your market, if you do not have the right inside sales people to do the job, then you will not get any results at all.

While you can easily choose the people for the job, keep in mind that not everyone has the same qualifications. Some may have skills best fit for a certain stage in the appointment setting process, while there are others who are best at researching, building up calling lists that you can use for your campaign. Mathew Dixon and Brent Adamson come up with five categories of sales people, based on their skills. Depending on the nature of your business, plus the kind of results you want, then you might have to choose from the following:

  1. Relationship builders – their focus is in building relationships with their prospects. They usually spend a lot more time keeping in touch with prospects, gaining their trust, and establishing stronger connection with them.
  2. Hard workers – these are basically the type of people who would come in early, leave late, and always goes the extra mile. These are the type of people who makes the most calls and site visits than anyone else in your lead generation team.
  3. Lone wolves – some may say that they are the black sheep in lead generation. They tend to do stuff that is not part of the inside sales process, handle their own affairs, do not really keep tidy notes in the pipeline, and pretty much anything else that does not whiff of conformity with others.
  4. Problem solver – they are the people who fits well in the technical side of things, more focused in providing solutions to business problems presented to them. Simply put, they are customer service representatives clothed in the guise of inside sales representatives.
  5. Challengers – you can say that they are the debaters of the sales teams. In terms of objections raised by business prospects, they always have a ready rebuttal at hand. Not only do they know how to answer back, they are also not afraid to share controversial views.

As earlier stated, the results you want will depend on the type of appointment setters you put to work. If you want to have more sales leads, then the Challengers would be a good fit. But if you want to simply create a wide network of prospects, then Relationship builders would be a nice choice. Just remember that, whoever you work with, they must also fit with the environment and culture of your business.