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Top 3 Mistakes B2B Companies Need to Avoid in Social Media Marketing

  Everyone today is adopting social media.  Be it a start-up business or a huge B2B company. Everyone likes to jump on the wagon to have their brands felt on social networks. Unfortunately, like other marketing channels out there, social media, is still not without its own set of growing pains.  Most businesses today commit […]

Do Your Telemarketing Properly Or Not At All

Telemarketing is the same with social media marketing, content marketing, or even advertisements. If you plan to use telemarketing or cold calling for your Singapore lead generation marketing campaign, then learn to do it properly, or else you will be wasting your time with a largely ineffective tool. The best way to utilize telemarketing for […]

How To Do Your Own Lead Generation

When looking for qualified b2b sales leads for your business, you might have considered buying a pre-generated business list from a third party or a service provider. This is just one of the many common mistakes that business owners make when looking for more chances of a sale. The truth is, if you don’t want […]

Important Ways To Help You Get More Sales Leads For Your Business

Getting more sales leads is even more important now that we’ve reached the internet age. Now that everyone who is anyone can easily reach out to the other part of the world to make a purchase, the “local provider” advantage has been all but completely overshadowed. The importance of marketing your own products has just […]

Improve Your Lead Generation In Singapore By Improving Your Company Positioning

According to Brenda Bence’s post about making your brand irresistible in Singapore (Singapore Business Review), each brand—no matter how small—already has its positioning. What exactly is positioning? Well, it’s the perception of the general public about your company. It’s how your business leads view your business, and it’s important that the positioning of your brand […]

Where To Get Quality Business Leads For Your Telemarketing Campaign

Your telemarketing campaign may be adequate right now, but to get the best possible results from your campaigns, you need to have all the factors that comprise a great business to business telemarketing campaign. Securing a good telemarketing script for lead generation and hiring reliable, experienced b2b telemarketers need one more thing to complete the […]

2 Valuable Reminders For Hiring A Telemarketing Services Provider

To have the best telemarketing campaigns that will yield high quality b2b sales leads for your business, you have to make sure that you’ve secured the important factors that make up a good telemarketing campaign. Aside from having a compelling, well-written telemarketing script, you need to have experienced professionals to do your cold calling for […]

Reasons Why Your Lead Generation Campaigns Are Not Working

When you run a business, a lot of things can get out of hand and you will need to find out the cause immediately or it could prove to be disastrous or costly for your business. While common culprits are easy to point out, sometimes, unexpected things happen which will require you to do a […]

7 Factors To Remember When Outsourcing B2B Appointment Setting

  Before you decide to outsource your b2b appointment setting campaign to an appointment setting service provider, you have to take note of these 7 factors. Knowing these things about your BPO of choice is a must if you want your appointment setting campaign to be successful and ensure your ROI. Efficient appointment setting quality […]

5 SMART Appointment Setting Goals For Your Next Campaign

  As with any campaign that your company that your company undertakes, your appointment setting campaigns need to have clear, SMART goals so that you can positive results. Setting up SMART appointments relies on proper coordination between sales and marketing people. The sales department need to keep the marketing team updated with news about the leads passed on to them, and […]