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Callbox Delivers its 500,000th Sales Appointment

Los Angeles, CA – May 7, 2010 – Today, one call agent concluded a successful phone conversation with an office manager in downtown Los Angeles, a call placed on behalf of the sales team of a leading US-based commercial cleaning company. To the agent, it was just one of the many great calls he has made […]

Callbox Launches Callbox Staffing Services

Los Angeles, CA – October 2011 – Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions is expanding its staffing services offerings under a new separate name, Callbox Staffing.  Callbox Staffing is a flexible and cost-effective approach to helping companies obtain professional support without the hindrances of hiring, training, and managing in-house staff. Callbox Staffing features a comprehensive suite of outsourced […]

Callbox Set to Employ 1,000 New Hires in 2012

Los Angeles, CA –December 2011 – Callbox, the largest business-to-business lead generation company in the world, is set to hire an additional 1,000 people next year, according to the company’s 2012 action plan released today. All additional manpower will join the operation centers in the Philippines and Malaysia. As a major player in the global outsourcing […]

Callbox Launches iCalendar

Encino, CA – April, 2013 – Callbox has launched the latest update of its PipelineCRMplatform, now fully integrating iCal and allowing call center agents, clients, and leads to instantly add business appointments, meetings, and other important events to their own calendars with a click. At the moment an appointment is formally qualified, an iCal invitation is […]

Callbox Pipeline Rolls Out Major Updates, Additional CRM Features

Encino, CA – January 2014 – Callbox today has announced that it has launched significant new upgrades and features to Callbox Pipeline, the company’s proprietary cloud-based lead management and marketing automation software. The upgrade brings along significant improvements to existing CRM functionalities as well as additional features focused on enhancing user productivity and customer experience. […]

Confronting Key Challenges in Generating B2B Leads for IT Products

The IT services and software industry is continuing to prosper. According to Gartner, the industry grew 4.8 percent between 2013, with global revenue pegged at $407.3 billion. This comes as small and medium enterprises have entered the market with independently developed B2B solutions. Aside from that, steady growth within the sector is facing rising demands […]

Appointment Setting Pointers to Live By

Every business strives for success. You wouldn’t be engaged in setting up a business in the first place if there’s nothing worth striving for, like sales conversions or opportunities for internal growth. Real successes however can only be attained once you have the capital to get you through. You will need to invest in new […]

The 3 Bs of Approaching B2B Appointment Setting Engagements with the Right Kind of Attitude

Business functions are not entirely automated in that they are run by machines alone. Rather, the people behind the operation make possible the success of every B2B lead generation and appointment setting endeavor. With the preponderance of social media, marketers are leveraging every available means to maintain market activity and build a climate of awareness […]

Small but not Pitiful: Top Lead Generation Boosters for SMEs

Don’t be too pessimistic. Small and medium enterprises can gain leverage in their respective industries despite the existence of large corporations. The only problem is that some of these enterprises lack a thorough understanding of the importance of B2B lead generation processes. Resources are not much of a factor here. Considering that social media has […]