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Small but not Pitiful: Top Lead Generation Boosters for SMEs

Don’t be too pessimistic. Small and medium enterprises can gain leverage in their respective industries despite the existence of large corporations. The only problem is that some of these enterprises lack a thorough understanding of the importance of B2B lead generation processes. Resources are not much of a factor here. Considering that social media has […]

So, you Think you can Generate Software Leads? Think Again

Indeed, software companies are at their prime today. Industry demands are calling for fresher and more efficient software solutions. In fact, MarketLine says that the software market would grow 6% annually as B2B players are producing software products and services to meet market needs. But despite this, many companies still run into difficulties with lead […]

Languishing with Poor Quality B2B Leads? Amp up your Lead Management using Effective Profiling

When a business opts for higher conversion rates, high quality B2B leads instantly come to mind. An effective B2B lead generation functions to cultivate a good array of convertible prospects and feed the sales pipeline with these prospects. Companies obviously prioritize this process above everything else. But generating B2B leads isn’t enough as there is […]

Key Essentials to Ensuring B2B Telemarketing Profitability

Amid tight competition among B2B market players, a separate issue continues to prevail over lead generation and telemarketing: that issue is profitability. The preponderance of multiple communication channels allow for creative as well as efficient marketing combinations that provide high profile B2B leads. And since competition is impacted by a desire to acquire quality prospects, […]

How to Create E-books that can Drive your Lead Generation

Everything nowadays is highly shareable. And we owe it all to the internet for allowing unbridled social engagement. In the B2B industry, lead generation benefits heavily from this climate of increased sociability. For one, social media platforms like blogs are friendlier to your ROI than an outside sales campaign. Sites like LinkedIn and Twitter can […]

B2B Marketing Trends for 2015

  Today, the landscape of B2B market is in constant state of flux, making it crucial to keep track on the significant shifts of trends every day. But merely identifying these trends isn’t enough; marketers should identify which will give opportunity or threat to the business. And eventually find ways to maximize the opportunities and […]