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Are Your Business Clients Happy? Tips in Measuring B2B Customer Satisfaction

We see satisfaction surveys virtually everywhere – restaurants, grocery stores, boutiques and many other business establishments. It’s a common enough practice in the B2C arena, but is it worth doing in the B2B sector as well? While B2B clients are fellow businesses, they are still technically your “customers” whose feedback also merits attention. There are […]

Hunting for the Best SEO Agency to help you with B2B Lead Generation

Question #1: “What’s Your Approach to SEO?” What It Tells You: This will tell you what year the agency is living in. Many SEO agencies hype up outdated concepts like meta tags, keyword density and web directories. A trustworthy agency will talk about keywords, outstanding content and white hat link building. If you’re not sure what […]

How to deal with Indecisive B2B Prospects

There are times when sales pitches and charm just won’t cut it. When prospects are not in that phase when they are actually ready to commit to a sale or a contract, it’s very hard (and sometimes inappropriate) to bring them where they don’t want to be – yet. Telemarketers would have to resort to […]

6 Tips for a More Effective Remarketing Strategy

When marketers take into account the potential of previous leads that didn’t end up converted, chances become doubled. Since these leads already underwent the initial phases of your sales funnel (first contact, introduction of product or service, exchange of information), they are more easily guided into (re)considering the transaction. After all, it’s always sweeter the […]

Customers Trust Online Reviews – and so should your Business

What could be more convenient than having your past and present clients sell your business for you? Testimonials and online reviews hold greater weight in the business-to-business (B2B) than in business-to-consumer (B2C), mainly because the opinions of regular consumers are often too extreme and unreliable; whereas, business people can more accurately describe whether a product […]