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Telemarketing: Why Singaporean Prospects Turn You Down

For a lot of B2B companies in Singapore, telemarketing is still a strategy that enjoys mass appeal among solutions providers across different industries in the city-state. The reason for this is that a lot of Singaporean companies believe in the fact that humanized interactions are important in business outreach. You simply can’t win hearts and […]

Telecom Leads in Singapore: Things You Need for Better Opportunities

Singapore will always be the model city-state. With great focus anchored on progressive ideals, Singapore has become an example for countries to strive for, citing the efficiency of its institutions and with the way its government is handling the day to day lives of its citizens. To be sure, Singapore sets the standards when it […]

How Much should Appointment Setting Services Cost?

Many business owners consider doing lead generation campaigns to increase their sales. But is it really worth it to invest in an appointment setting campaign? Should you expect tons of leads right after? Going through the hassle from recruiting, hiring and training an employee to evaluating and making sure every area of your marketing strategy […]

6 Marketing Ideas in Selling a Medical Software

Medical appointment scheduling, diagnostic software, medical database software, medical equipment planning software, etc. These technologies are important to all medical practice to address the needs of all healthcare stakeholders and provide healthcare assistance to everyone. Many medical software companies strive to develop high-quality software to improve the quality of care for their patients. With too […]