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7 Stats that Says Email Marketing is the BEST Among Other Channels [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic originally posted on www.callboxinc.com. In your B2B marketing campaigns, what lead generation channel do you use? Today, there are couple of marketing channels that we could choose from. These lead generation strategies include: Content Marketing SEO Social Media Marketing and the old fashion but still kicking telemarketing But among these options, Isn’t EMAIL MARKETING the BEST […]

It’s NOT the End of The World: Nor ‘Telemarketing’ in Singapore!

I came across a Yahoo article headlined:“ Cassette Tapes Make Comeback After Big Stars Release Albums On Old Format”… were these ever been extinct? 10 years ago, Telemarketing was said to become extinct. But what went wrong? Telemarketing is still one of the most pursued and executed B2B prospecting strategies most specially by giant industries […]

Expanding Business in Asia – How Do Multinational Companies Do It?

When does a company become multinational? The answer is right there on the terminology used. Regardless of the form it takes, whether multinational company, multinational corporation, international corporation, or transnational corporation, it only refers to one thing – a company or organization offering goods and services that operate in one or more countries. More often […]

The Parts of the Best Events Telemarketing Script in Singapore

“Dine and wine at Flavours 2016, an annual food and wine festival in Singapore held every 2nd weekend of May. Delight yourself with savory chows and exquisite drinks from around the world.” Interesting…are there parking fees? A flowery email invitation may easily capture a reader’s attention but may not answer some questions from the prospect.  […]

Lead Generation Statistics for Singapore That You Should Never Ignore

Are there ideal numbers to shape up a perfect lead generation figure? Lead generation has greatly evolved over the years where innovation on processes and tools intertwine to bring about desirable campaign results. Setting campaign objectives, tracking and monitoring leads, prospecting processes and gauging key performance indicators, are number- driven elements that build your lead […]

Make Your Lead Generation Efforts Work This Year of the Monkey

In ancient times, major decisions in commerce were always made with the advice of seers, oracles, and horoscopes. Possibly, because of the world economic situation in the past decade, this practice has gained even more popularity. It is a tendency that comes from wanting to make sure that business will be conducted successfully. The number […]

The Three-Step Guide to Better Customer Retention

Establishing long-term relationships with buyers is important. A loyal client base always comes in handy when you want to generate new and high-quality B2B leads. Think of all the referrals you are able to earn! This is why many companies in various industries would rather prioritize customer retention than to focus much of their efforts […]

3 Sales Tips to Get your Reps Reach for the Numbers

QuotaFactory recently published an article about the best ways to improve the performance of sales reps, which is something many B2B companies currently underscore. Applying the proper sales techniques determines the success not only of individual callers but the whole company as well. And we’re sure that these techniques can provide a good starting point […]