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Lead Generation Hacks for IT Companies in Singapore

Tricks or hacks are cunning ways to outwit someone or something and are most commonly applied, but not limited to, practical and online games, but there are clever life hacks too like heating two bowls of dishes in one microwave or using binder clips to fix broken keyboard stands. Clever, indeed! In business, in companies […]

How to Handle like a Boss: “We’ve worked with you before and we’re not satisfied”

Agent: “Hi, this is Rachel, with XYZ Company.” (prospect interrupts) Prospect:” I’m familiar with your company. We’ve worked with you before and we’re not satisfied with your service.” So what can you do when you spoke with a previous customer and mentioned that they’re unhappy with your services. Empathize.   Treat every unhappy customer as […]

The Do’s and Don’ts When Doing B2B Telesales

What is B2B Telemarketing? It is when annoying call center agents are calling random businesses wanting to speak with a specific person to say their sales pitch. Telemarketing is essential in every business. Having an in-house sales team to do lead generation campaign is proven to be difficult while outsourcing a B2B lead generation company is […]

The Many Pleasant Responses in Calling Irate Prospects

When you’re in the business that requires you to make sales pitches at people, or at least, get them ready to buy from a company (your client), you need to be ready for some ridiculous reactions. Why? Because we’re talking about using people’s time for something that they have yet to benefit from. Besides, nobody owes you anything, […]

Understand your Singapore Market by Dissecting It

We in the B2B marketing industry are fond of throwing around metaphors to describe how ferocious and contested it is to engage our target markets. But as executives in the IT services sector see their market as a battlefield of technical jargon and healthcare marketers see their arena as a merciless valley of risks, these […]