3 Sales Tips to Get your Reps Reach for the Numbers

3 Sales Tips to Get your Reps Reach for the Numbers

QuotaFactory recently published an article about the best ways to improve the performance of sales reps, which is something many B2B companies currently underscore. Applying the proper sales techniques determines the success not only of individual callers but the whole company as well. And we’re sure that these techniques can provide a good starting point for the two parties to reach those numbers before the year ends.   

Tip #1: Plan and Share a Vision with your Sales Reps.

This may be one of the single most motivating factors for sales reps, especially those new to the field. Many reps do not realize how many times they need to hear “no” before they hear a “yes” and that can be defeated, leading them to lose faith in themselves and their abilities. Creating and sharing a vision with your reps allows them to see the end goal. This should not only pertain to their sales process but should also incorporate into their career aspirations and even life goals.

If people can envision themselves as successful, and have a written plan to do so, then the likelihood of success is heightened greatly. Let this be your marketing guide in your planning out your campaign.

Tip #2: Your Sales Meetings are not Effective.

How many times have you sat in a weekly or daily meeting droning over the same action items over and over? Now think about how useful you find these meetings or how much you’re actually paying attention. if your answer was very little, your sales reps are likely thinking the same.

Rather than just going over the same KPIs, quotas and announcements, use your meetings as time to train. Rather than three half-hour meetings a week, have one hour-and-a-half meeting and use this as an opportunity to foster an effective environment of peer coaching and collaboration. Have reps do mock calls, handle objections, and brainstorm new unique ways to approach prospects in this time

Tip #3: Share Best Practices.

Now this one may seem so basic that it probably shouldn’t belong here. However, the funny thing about salespeople is that, by nature, we do not like sharing tricks of the trade with our colleagues because — as we’re all familiar with — in sales, one day a technique will work, and three weeks later, your prospects will turn numb to them.

Once a sales rep uncovers a trick of the trade, they usually want to keep it to themselves and utilize it for as long as possible. If they share their tip, they think it will circulate and sooner or later will no longer work.

During your weekly meeting that I outlined above, encourage each of your sales reps to share at least one best practice. They may be hesitant at first, however, they will soon find that their numbers will rise.

While they may be giving up a “trade secret” of their own, they’re gaining much more to apply to their call plans and will be excited to continue to share and learn from their peers.