6 Marketing Tips That Will Take Financial Businesses to the Next Level

6 Marketing Tips That Will Take Financial Businesses to the Next Level

The ‘want’ to have a business may be everyone’s dream while starting one, whether big or small, can be espoused by the courageous, but succeeding in it is for the wise.

Growing a financial business is not easy, but having the right attitude and strategies will definitely take your business to higher levels.

#1 Create A Viable Concept

What do you want to do? Which area of financials are you an expert on? How much capital can you shell out to start the business? You can’t start a business which you barely know anything about, so you’ve got to have knowledge and skills on the business you would like to run. Here’s are some of the financial ideas from Entrepreneur Asia you may ponder on:

  • Bookkeeping service. You must have accounting and financial experiences to run this.
  • Business broker. Match business buyers and sellers with a business brokerage
  • Business consultant. You help business owners grow their business.
  • Business for Sale Broker. Put a commercial realtor’s license to work in a business brokerage
  • Career and Personal Coach. Bring out the best in people
  • Charity Auction Service. Non-profit
  • Coins and Stamps. Collect, buy and trade collectible coins and stamps
  • Collection Agency. Collect payments on a business’ behalf

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#2 Utilize Social Media

Aside from sharing information about your product or service, you need to post quality contents that can build discussions among target customers. If your budget allows, hire a social media administrator or manager to maintain the page or site to keep the momentum. You may also hire bloggers who’d write about their ideas and create stories that would raise awareness to target customers.

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#3 Create Video Tutorials

The state of video marketing in 2018 shows that 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and 65% of those who didn’t use it in 2017 said they will start using video in 2018. Marketers say video helps them in various aspects of their job: increase understanding of product and service, scale-up sales numbers, reduce support queries, increase traffic and customer dwell time on their website.

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#4 Utilize Search Engine Optimization

SEO can be both empowering and intimidating, but once you fully learn about it, you will enjoy its benefits without limits. Just do it the right way – don’t spam keywords when creating content, but more importantly, ensure that what you are writing is sage and adds value to the business.

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#5 Leverage Influencers

Medium.com told that 70% of millennial customers’ buying decisions are influenced by peer recommendations. A survey showed that 30% of consumers buy products endorsed by non-celebrity bloggers, as these non-celebrity recommenders appear more relatable to consumers compared to celebrity influencers.

#6 Leverage On Email Marketing

Email marketing delivers

  • Targeted audiences, giving you control who sees it by segmenting your contacts list based on their lead status, demographics, location, and other data.
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Distribution at scale
  • Metrics
  • Cost-effective

Use email marketing to complete your sales funnel. This will help your business build relationship with customers by making the buying process easier both for you and them.

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One more thing, make sure to employ proper lead management to maximize your overall marketing strategy