6 Tips for a More Effective Remarketing Strategy

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When marketers take into account the potential of previous leads that didn’t end up converted, chances become doubled. Since these leads already underwent the initial phases of your sales funnel (first contact, introduction of product or service, exchange of information), they are more easily guided into (re)considering the transaction.

After all, it’s always sweeter the second time around, so they say.

Rekindling these “relationships” with warm leads also send a message to the industry that your business makes necessary efforts to connect with its target market and beyond. But how do you carry out an effective remarketing move?

To answer that, here is an excerpt from a post at OnlineMarketingInsitute.org:

  • Set clear objectives. It’s as true for remarketing as it is with any marketing practice: it’s hard to measure success without clear goals. Instead of coming up with a generic remarketing plan and then hoping for some good to come of it, establish super-specific, tangible goals you want to achieve.
  • Test everything. You’ll see the best results from remarketing when you test every campaign you try. Track results on your PPC remarketing campaign for a set period of time, then change something (the call-to-action, the wording, the landing page for ads, etc.) to see how the results change. Keep conducting these trials and you’ll gain insight into what works best.
  • Segment specific audiences. Set up website metrics that collect specific audiences from your site’s existing traffic – people who spend a certain amount of time on a specific product page, people who exit at the call-to-action page, etc. This establishes targeted groups to which you may remarket later.
  • Create custom messages. Craft your messages to your established targeted groups. Don’t use the same call-to-action or the same advertising style with every group. Rather, take time to evaluate and analyze the needs and interests of those particular users.
  • Limit your ads. To avoid annoying followers or turning off your audience, implement limits as to how and when your remarketing efforts will display. For online ads, for example, you can limit the impressions your ads make to fans – allowing them to show a certain number of times a day.
  • Use remarketing in multiple formats. There is more than one way to use remarketing, so don’t let yourself get locked into the box of thinking it’s only about Google AdWords or only about your PPC campaigns. There is also email remarketing, site remarketing, search remarketing, social media remarketing, etc. Each one presents potential value for converting specific groups of leads into customers.

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