An advice on domain registration this 2014

Graphic illustration of a girl and the world wide web

Last year, government and business websites in US were hacked. Singapore was not spared and so were other countries. Internet has grown, and now more businesses are investing in utilizing the internet for transactions and marketing. We should be on guard now more than ever especially when registering new domains. I read this article from Connie Hon on SBR and she states:

The new Internet brings along new risks that Singapore businesses and consumers really need to be aware of and protect themselves against.

One huge risk is, legal rights holders are notified if a domain name matching their trademark is registered by Internet users with any of the new gTLDs.

However, beyond the first 90 days of General Availability phase for more than 700 new Internet suffixes, registrants are NOT notified if the domain name that they are about to register infringes upon the legal rights of a trademark holder!

In fact, registrants are clueless until a trademark holder who may be from any geographic location eventually bears down upon them!

Our advice to Singapore businesses and Internet users is to make the following checks before you purchase that good domain name that you have in mind.

Threat is present the moment that we register our domains. It is always a good choice to choose well who you register your domain to. The next thing on the list will be website design.

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