12 Apps That Will Get you Ready for your Singapore Events

12 Apps That Will Get you Ready for your Singapore Events in 2018

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According to Forrester Research, events are considered the most effective and also one of the most expensive B2B marketing tactics with almost 25% of the budget spent on it.


During events, you can have face-to-face interaction with your attendees. You’ll get to showcase the features of your product and let your prospects experience it firsthand. This allows your attendees to see the value of your product.  

According to a survey from Straitstime, Singaporeans spend over 12 hours on gadgets daily. Moreover, almost 4.27 million Singaporeans are smartphone users this year. 

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Here are 12 mobile event apps that are useful for your next corporate events.


Eventbrite is a platform that allows event organizers to plan, promote and sell tickets to events and publish them on social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram directly from the site’s interface.

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Eventboard is a user-friendly mobile conference tool that allows you to organize and communicate with your event attendees. It lets you build agendas, upload floor plans, create surveys, and view a newsfeed.

They offer a free trial for your first event.


webMOBI is a mobile app for events, conferences, trade shows, and event planners. This tool lets you engage with attendees and maximize your ROI. The good thing about this app is, it can be accessed offline after your initial download.

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BusyConf is a collaborative conference management tool for speaker proposals, event registration, agendas, scheduling, and more.


Whova is an event management software that helps you create the most engaging and organized event. This app allows you to plan who to meet and begin networking even before the event has started.


myQaa is an event mobile tool that helps event planners increase engagement among attendees and get reports and infographics. It also helps you organize your speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and event partners in a clear list.


Grupio is the best iPhone mobile app designed for events, conferences, and trade shows. It provides access to event details, social networking, and live updates from the organizers.

Event planners have real-time messaging, engage with attendees, and can generate revenue from sponsors and ads.


QuickMobile provides you with the analytical data for your meetings and events. It enables attendee networking and content sharing – chat, photos, notes, and one-on-one meetings.

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TapCrowd is an app designed for corporate events, conferences, and associations. It lets you create, manage and launch event apps that engage your audience.


SPOTME is a mobile app designed for iOS, Android, and more. This app lets you integrate your registration system and send invites, reminders, and follow-ups. You can also conduct interactive sessions such as polling, survey, and Q&A.

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Attendify is an engaging event app that lets event companies create a guidebook app for attendees to view profiles, messages, photos, and networks.

Every event needs a good app. Choose from any of the 12 apps mentioned above to help you achieve your goals and host a successful event that leads to an increase in ROI.

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