How 2018’s Biggest B2B Stories Affect Marketing in 2019

How 2018's Biggest B2B Stories Affect Marketing in 2019

The biggest B2B stories of 2018 have been told, and marketers concluded that it has been a well-delineated year for them, but what these stories have to do in the new year is yet to be revealed.

So, let’s take a peek on how these stories may develop and realize, as well as sight their possible after effects on the B2B marketing world in 2019.

Data Breach

The topnotch data breach of 2018 was Aadhar, which affected Indian residents’ 12-digit ID numbers and their private information including bank accounts.

Bear in mind that data breach threat could come from people you closely work with who have access to both your network and the people outside your organization, and use channels like email accounts, mobile devices, and cloud to gain data.

The aftermath could severely impact business reputation, contractual and legal obligations like notification requirements for affected customers and planned sale of the company.


Data Privacy and the GDPR

The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica debacle in 2016 was the most talked data privacy issue. Although both companies denied that a data breach was committed, Facebook still faced backlashes from investors and authorities and was summoned to answer and participate in further investigation.

However, the issue appeared to be a positive circumstance to data subjects instead, which drew data protection authorities and stakeholders, like the EU, to implement the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) last May 2018. The regulation ensures better control over data and forces companies to improve security.

Changes in Social Networks’ Algorithms

The big guys in the social network tweaked their games a bit – LinkedIn added an algorithm that would gauge how much a user will appreciate getting feedback from a certain viewer; meanwhile Facebook overhauled its News Feed by getting the most discussed posts rank better.

Everyone has gone social, almost, and 2019 will be paving the way to everything more interactive, transparent and fast like chatbots and artificial intelligence.

(Innovation Enterprise).

Digital Revolution

Digital connectivity has conquered almost half of the human populace. The hours spent by people online increases every year and mobile payments are becoming much easier to complete.

The digital rage will continue to intensify, rolling out 5G for mobile networks, more and greater chatbots and AI to replace human workforce, and connected clouds (public, private, hybrid) to meet the changing needs of companies.


Marketing Technologies

Martech 5000 is Scott Brinker’s supergraphic of 6,829 marketing solutions from 6,242 unique marketing vendors. These numbers may either go up or down which may be greatly affected by factors like changes in marketing and planning strategies, search marketing trends, social media trends, email and automation, analytics and reporting, content marketing and paid and earned media.

(Smart Insights)

Marketers and Data

Many marketers are under the impression that having big data is a plus factor, but sometimes become too overwhelmed and mishandle their supposed prized technology possession.

Take this from Jaideep Pabhu, Professor of Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School:

“Marketers must be able to work skillfully with data. They increasingly need to do qualitative, anthropological research to gain deep insights into why people buy what they buy. But they also meanwhile have a massive and growing need for marketers, or roles within marketing teams, with excellent data analytical skills. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) need to know what is happening with AI, big data, the proliferation of digital channels and social media – they must really understand it all and understand it deeply.”

(University of Cambridge)

2018 has been concluded well, while 2019 has just begun. Let’s see who would make another or big or new story at the end of the year.