Business Leadership Lessons for the Year of the Goat

Business Leadership Lessons for the Year of the Goat

What image do we conjure of the goat? A meek, miserable animal that eats anything it steps on? Or, taking cues from the Chinese zodiac, a creature that represents mild-mannerisms, artistic boldness and charming personality?

As we celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Goat, we are just as eager to know what’s in store for those born associated with the zodiac animal. Feng Shui speculations point to good tidings in terms of love and health. For fortune, not everything is going to be peachy, even for executives of B2B companies.

Financial losses are going to mark the year unless business leaders are careful especially in managing their lead generation and appointment setting campaigns. On the other hand, people born with the zodiac sign can consider themselves lucky possessing the positive attributes of goats that make them a mainstay of Chinese lore.

Here are a few leadership lessons we can gain from one of the world’s most beloved farm animals (perhaps, second to pigs because bacon).

Be inquisitive

According to universally-accepted notions of the zodiac sign, goats are naturally inquisitive. This explains the numerous instances of when goats wander off to unfamiliar places, consuming anything that catches their eye over a nagging curiosity of what certain things taste like. In the same way, people born in the Year of the Goat often exhibit a yearning to escape their comfort zones, whether to try out that new convenience store down the road or use a different approach in lead nurturing.

Romance your prospects

Goats are also thought to be wildly romantic. We don’t know if this has any biological bearing, but it somehow tells us that goats are adept at courtship. It could be that they can wield language in such a way that they assume an almost mystical charm, similar to the way that top-performing marketers promote the use of authentic and diverse content forms to lure potential clients.

Apply art to everything

Goats also tend to be artful, which makes us ask, “Have we ever seen a goat paint a masterpiece before?” But we digress. Goats have almost always stood as animal representations of fearlessness and craftsmanship, being referenced in numerous works of art as well. With B2B marketing not far from being an art form, using one’s creativity is nothing short of essential in driving interests to one’s products.

Want to start the year right? Start with the right herd of professionals that specializes in lead generation and appointment setting and maybe the year wouldn’t turn out to be bad for business after all. Gong Xi Fa Cai!