Catching the Business Fire: Marketing Lessons from ‘The Hunger Games’

Behind the frenzy that surrounds Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games trilogy and its film adaptations, there are valuable annotations about life and its complications, particularly in the world of business marketing.

Yes, the context may deal with the exploits of a teenage warrior, budding love triangles and a post-apocalyptic ‘Big Brother’ government but it can also teach us a thing or two about the things that people are attracted to – which is the very essence of lead generation marketing.

A powerful, engaging story always prevails.

The protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, is submerged within a premise that tests her skill and will to survive, but audiences (both within and outside the story) are captivated by elements that heighten emotions: her battle with a government-mandated contest, her struggles within the confines of social segregation, and the different trials against her unbending faith. For a business to prosper, it must also have a story that engages people emotionally, so that they may go along despite adversity.

Identify, focus on, and maximize your strengths.

Katniss knows she has a gift when it comes to hunting, tracking, and archery. She uses that knowledge and skill to triumph in the game. Along the way, she also discovers her natural appeal that unknowingly draws attention to her, which too, was used in her survival amongst oppression and prejudice. If a business knows not its strengths, how can it prove its worth in its respective industry?

Relationships go a long way.

Although gifted with the necessary ‘tools’ to carry on, Katniss never fails to realize that the journey is not hers alone to take on. She began building strong relationships with people which have been, and will continue to be, useful to her when the need comes. Successful businesses relish in the pleasure of having strong ties with other entities in and outside its niche. It’s a testament of credibility and longevity that comes in handy when fostering new relationships.

Stand for something, and stick to it.

Katniss is not afraid to go against the status quo. She knows her purpose, and she knows what she truly wants. She refuses to become someone she’s not, and as a result, people from all the districts have rallies in support of her cause against the government.

A business could also build a large following, but in order to do that it has to stick to a constant principle and live by it no matter what. It’s the only way your business can send a powerful message to its community and beyond.