Does Marketing Automation Encourage Bad Behavior In Marketers?

Does Marketing Automation Encourage Bad Behavior In Marketers

Why do businesses need marketing automation?

Nowadays, businesses can’t afford to lose customers. However, looking into all of the marketing leads through different channels take time and effort. This is where marketing automation steps in.

Marketing automation combined with multi-channel marketing allows you to automate repetitive tasks like emails and social media. It lets you engage with your customers more often and convert leads faster.

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Many companies are using marketing automation as part of their marketing strategy. However, they aren’t changing their marketing strategy. Instead, they use this new technology to spam and flood people with emails that aren’t necessary. Which is definitely not effective if you want to generate more leads for your business.

Here are 5 bad marketing automation habits of marketers

  1. Marketers use marketing automation for impersonal communication. Well, in fact, it is designed to use for a more personalized communication to increase response rates.
  2. Sending emails to every contact in your database instead of opting for relevant messages rather than spamming them.
  3. Not cleaning up your database and forgetting to clean up the text version of your email.
  4. Sending daily emails to all leads and not setting up communication limit.
  5. Having a very long email instead of writing a sweet, short and straight to the point messages.

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How to use marketing automation correctly

  • By creating campaigns that deliver personalized and relevant content that your prospects can relate to. Content marketing is a good way to educate your audience. At the same time, grow your email list and increase
  • By creating a campaign that allows you to not send the same emails to everyone and schedule different types of interactions based on the interests of your prospects.
  • Marketing automation is a good strategy for promotions and discounts. You can create content and email campaigns to let your targeted prospects know about your promotions and discounts. It helps drive online purchases.

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So, to answer the question, “Does marketing automation encourages bad behavior in marketers?”, my answer is, to some marketers, yes! They only want to create a campaign and just let it run on its own. They refuse to practice an effective marketing strategy and doesn’t want long-term customers. But to those who understand how marketing automation works and would want to take advantage of what this technology can do for their business, they know it is not impossible to have an effective marketing strategy with marketing automation.