Your Event Marketing Checklist for CommunicAsia 2019

Your Event Marketing Checklist for CommunicAsia (Featured Image)

When planning corporate events, organizers are most concerned about finding innovative ideas (81%), good venues (65%), and marketing their event effectively (48%). (EVENTMB)

Online resources however eased event planners’ pains by providing tools that enable them to come up with hundreds of innovative format event ideas and find stylish comfortable venues. One thing that remains critical for them though is implementing the right event marketing strategy, which may be caused by lack of resources, staff and budget.

Do you worry about marketing your CommunicAsia event effectively?

The good news is, you can now free yourself from the torment of resources, budget and manpower constraints, as event marketing solutions are not anymore limited to just researched tools and ideas online, but can be employed as a service, with event telemarketing.

Event telemarketing can boost registrations and scale up revenue for your live events. With the use of multi-touch, multi-channel marketing, you will be able to engage attendees and opportunities throughout the event cycle, ensure quality of invitees and prospects at every step of the event process, leverage phone, email and social media to maximize conversions and collect critical event and prospect information for sharper marketing insights.

These event marketing to-dos will definitely stack attendees for your CommunicAsia booth:

  • Employ a service provider that can tailor an end-to-end event marketing program to any event type and size: trade shows, webinars, seminars, product launches, industry meet-ups and masterclasses like Sales Prospecting Workshop for ICT in SG on 21st June 2019, which you may drop by after CommunicAsia, and other live event initiatives.
  • The pre-event is the most effortful phase in the process so work closely with your provider. Leverage on a multi-touch, multi-channel marketing that will sync all media to help you reach the right prospect at the right time.
  • Create content that will fully promote awareness and build interest among your prospects via email blasts, sms notifications and banner ads display.
  • Set up a 24/7 chat support
  • Connect with your prospects in different social media sites
  • Call.

80% of trade show exhibitors don’t follow up with their show leads. (BIZZABO). 

  • No worries, your event marketing partner will take care of the next steps after the first move by sending event triggered emails and sms, tracking website visits and profiling each visitor, creating landing pages with contact form, tracking qualified leads from chat, replying to messages in social media sites, and calling warm leads.

91% measure the success of their events on attendee satisfaction (survey), 61% measure according to their specific event objectives, 60% determine results based on staying in the budget and 51% based on the number of registrations. (EVENTMB)

Organizers gauge event success and ROI depending on their goals, but both are achieved if you do in-depth profiling and targeting to invite the right attendees, consistent pre-show touches to increase RSVPs, timely confirmation and reminders to ensure high event turnouts, use key promotional channels to increase booth traffic, personalized outreach to score more on one-on-one meet-ups and post-event nurture paths to turn event leads to opportunities.