Event Marketing in Singapore: Trends to Expect by 2020

Event Marketing in Singapore Trends to Expect by 2020

Event marketing is one of the best ways to get your brand out there – especially for B2B marketers and their products. It helps you network and strategically connect with potential customers.  In this short article, we examine the growing trends in event marketing in Singapore and how you can properly position yourself for growth!

Let’s check out how Singapore and the APAC region are hacking out event marketing for maximum results.

What Events to Plan For

As long as it’s technology we’re talking about

There is no doubt that the biggest trend in event marketing is and will continue to be technology. We have been making larger strides in what were once concepts and big ideas such as AI. These technologies are becoming more practical that pioneers are constantly finding ways to integrate foundational versions of it in our daily lives.

This is also due to the quick adoption rates and rising levels of disposable income.

The consensus with event marketing not only in Singapore but in the rest of Asia is that technology will continue to sell and sell out.


Internet security is a growing concern in a large part of the region – even in developing countries such as the Philippines – where security is constantly being tested and occasionally breached for malice. Given that we are in an ever-growing connected world, cybersecurity is being such a hot topic for everyone.

From privacy protection, legal and ethical debates, to improving security frameworks on corporate and individual levels. Events on security have always amassed a great following and we see it gaining an even bigger following in the future.


Artificial intelligence is still the talk of the region and this is partly because we see it being quickly being implemented on a massive scale. We are now seeing AI being implemented on things such as the camera software of smartphones, that are now priced for more consumers to buy.

Artificial intelligence isn’t what we imagined it to be with fully cognitive talking robots, but the way we’ve been adapting to the advancements and applying technology today brings into light how much of a big deal it is in the future.

Any event with AI will rock the region.


We love the Internet-of-Things because it brings to our attention the different innovations in the world today, from “smart” contact” lenses to self-healing appliances, there is just so much innovation going on to keep you captivated for hours.

These types of events attract crowds from all types of sectors, whether it’s engineers or scientists, the academe, and even normal people looking to get into the latest things in the market. There is always something for everyone in an IoT event.

Leveraging Ways for Your Visitors to Engage

Goodbye traditional exhibitions and trade fairs where you walk around and are given leaflets and random goodies! And, say hello to immersion.

We are now looking at companies getting even more creative with the way they immerse their prospects in the goods or services that they are providing. Whether it’s AR headsets, sensory interaction, content sharing, and world-class parks.

Streamlined Memorability

A growing trend in event marketing in Singapore is the holistic experience of the attendee. This is why major event organizers have started to customize every part of the attendee’s experience with the event.

This includes, and is not limited to, the very first moment a potential attendee stumbles upon a touchpoint, to hotel choices, to how they are ferried to the venue, up to how the venue smells like.

Here’s what.

Every single touchpoint has to be memorable for your attendee.

There is an increasing number of partnerships being made between transport companies and various other hospitality groups into creating an experience that won’t be easily forgettable.

Psychologically speaking it’s a great way of running things, if you can attach a memory to emotion it makes it harder to forget. They’re definitely on to something!

Shareability and Technology

Lastly, let’s not forget that we live in a connected world and we need to be able to provide anybody that attends our events a way for them to share their experiences with the rest of the world. Whether you have to live stream, provide Wi-Fi or charging docks, you have to position your event in a way that allows your attendees to take advantage of current technology.

Make sure you’re always on the lookout to stretch your imagination while taking advantage of the tech that’s available.

There are a lot of ways you can harness the power of event marketing, and as you can see from our examples, all it takes is a little creativity and a little finesse. Do not underestimate the power of connecting with your customers in person, it’s one of the best forms of lead nurturing there is!

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