Halloween Special: Marketing Lessons from Sixth Sense

Halloween Special Marketing Lessons from Sixth Sense

Trick or treat? It’s Halloween once again and I’m sure you’ve been very busy preparing for your costumes for some of the best halloween events this year.

Traditionally, Halloween is the time when ghosts and witches can be seen. But now, Halloween is celebrated by trick or treating, masquerades, Halloween parties or a horror night with family or friends.

Movies such as Scream, The Exorcist, The Eye, Scary Movie and The Sixth Sense are some of the movies I’ve watched on a Halloween. Among these movies, “The Sixth Sense” has a big impact on me.

As a Marketing Manager, I’ve learned that you need to have a sixth sense to tell whether you’re going to have a problem so it’ll be easier for you to look for a solution before it’s too late. Here are the 3 lessons “The Sixth Sense” movie taught me about marketing.

#1) Building a good relationship with your customers is important.

Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis), a Psychologist, learned from his previous patients that his patients’ trust is important in order for them to open up with him. So when he met Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment), he made sure to be there for him and would sometimes go out of his way to help him with his problems. In marketing, in order to have a better relationship with your customers, you need to go out of your way to reach out and help them solve even the simplest issue they have. By providing good customer experience and knowing you have your prospect’s back will make them appreciate you more and would consider doing business with you than your competitors.

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#2) Listen to your customers before you start talking.

In the movie, Cole is frightened because he is visited by ghosts. He is too afraid to tell anyone, including his mom. But because of Dr. Crowse’s patience and his willingness to listen to Cole’s problems, he managed to gain his trust and eventually helped him manage his skills. He teaches him to use his skill to help all the ghosts resolve their unresolved problems. One of the biggest mistakes every marketer is making is not listening to what their prospects have to say and focus more on marketing their products and services. When talking to prospects, it is important to listen to their needs so you’ll know what strategy to use to convert them into leads.

Working as a team will help you achieve your goal faster.

As a Psychiatrist, Dr. Crowe’s goal is to connect with his patients and help them cope up with their problems by listening to them. Same goes with marketing, working towards achieving your team’s goal allows you to be connected as a team. Every member must work hand in hand to achieve their goals. Each one has an important responsibility that would help the team reach their goals faster.

In marketing, connecting, communicating, understanding and trusting your prospects is a good way to start a possible relationship. Same as what Dr. Crowe did to Cole, he gained Cole’s trust by helping him overcome his fear. In return, he helped him communicate with his wife and they became friends in the end.