Lessons from Singapore’s Top Marketing Firms in Tech

Top Lessons from Singapore’s Top Marketing Firms in Tech

B2B marketing is all about creating opportunities, but a lot of times, it is about investing in relationships with your client base. Lead generation is just one vital step to getting people to purchase a product or service, so a lot of effort and resources has to be involved in guiding them towards making a decision that could impact the bottom line.

It’s a complex process, to begin with, but we can all agree on the fact that established brands have gone through all the complexities before making it on top. For sure, there are things that they did right which enabled them to improve their message and widen their reach.

In Singapore where there has always been strong competition in the IT, software and financial services sectors, it does pay to adopt the right processes and transforming plans into applicable strategies. To do that, you will have to learn from the experiences of veteran marketing firms in the island-nation.

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Carbon Interactive

Build brands, not just websites

Any B2B marketer worth his salt knows that content is still king and that a little extra effort in the way content is made makes all the difference.

For Carbon Interactive, a website already counts as content and it is vital to underscore quality work. From the way the banner is structured to its overall functionality, a website basically achieves the brand-building efforts of any company. Carbon is able to take this principle to heart in tandem with clients from various industries such as defense, entertainment, education and, of course, technology.

For Carbon, creativity is everything, but more than that, having a clear creative plan to outline a company’s strengths can do wonders for a brand’s reputation and desirability. It all boils down to creating an identity that tugs at the heartstrings of one’s target audience.

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Create a culture of collaboration

In the modern workplace, communication is undoubtedly vital to progress. Each member of a team and each department in the organization should strive to understand each other’s needs and work towards satisfying these needs in the long run.

This is one area where iFoundries excels in. By fostering a collaborative work environment for its employees, the firm is able to deliver quality outputs to its clients based on the values of positive relationships, passion, and a drive for self-improvement. By allowing communication to stay open, the firm is able to generate fresh ideas on addressing the concerns of its clients’  audiences.

With these values in mind, no wonder the teams of iFoundries were as able to nurture a loyal client base which includes large brands such as Wacom, Canon and Certis CISCO.

The opportunities for expanding the learning experiences of employees are something that companies need to outline if they need to strengthen their brands and gain better results in their marketing efforts.

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Innovate and motivate

Storytelling is not just writing a dozen blogs a week in an effort to get as much traffic as possible. It’s all about the STORY and how it can relate your clients’ concerns about your product or service.

With a scalable marketing platform and several other nifty tools, Singapore-based marketing firm Nugit has continuously provided its clients with a product that allows them to improve the way they drive information and enhance their brands. Using data to tell stories is vital, and Nugit’s storytelling platforms came just in time when brands in the tech industry are vying to dominate their target markets. Creating stories based on relevant information and making it accessible to everybody can motivate potential clients to engage.

In this age where accuracy and authenticity define success, it is always important to find new ways of doing things and urging clients to take action by bridging analytical gaps and fostering a more collaborative drive towards effective information.

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What these marketing firms show is the possibility of enhancing a message and getting people to engage across the board. But more than that, they also outline a crucial need to meet clients’ expectations and creating experiences that work out for the best in the long run.

Besides, a great deal of digital marketing involves understanding what your clients want and knowing how best to address vital concerns and impact the way their companies grow.