How to Make it easy for Customers to Buy Cloud?

How to Make it easy for Customers to Buy Cloud

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is often referred to as “the cloud” which means storing and accessing of data over the internet instead of a computer’s hard drive. It is an internet-based computing that provides shared resources and data to computers with the use of a network of remote servers to store, process and manage data using the internet rather than having a local or an in-house server.

Cloud software is divided into three. Here are the kinds of Cloud computing software and their examples.

Saas (Software as a Service) provides access to application softwares often referred to as on-demand softwares. Installation, setup and running of the application is usually done by providers.


Paas (Platform as a Service) provides computing platforms including operating system, database, web server etc.


Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) provides computing infrastructure, file-based storage, firewalls, IP addresses, virtual local area networks etc.


I’ve listed down some of the tips on how to make it easy for customers to move to the cloud.

Remove signup barriers.

Of course, you want visitors to feel relaxed with as little resistance as possible and enjoy their experience quickly when signing up for your product. Provide minimal fill up fields on your website forms. You may check out some plugin that allows user to sign up with their social media instead of typing everything.

Reach out to them through multi channel marketing

Customers are everywhere and you have to be where they are such as email, social media, tv/radio or print ads and voice. Most consumers don’t have enough time to go to malls and buy because of their busy schedule. By reaching out to them using the medium that they normally use makes it easy for them to consider you.

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Trial version should make them feel that they needed the premium version

Nowadays, customers are no longer impulsive when buying something. They are wiser than we thought. Offering a trial version makes them feel that you are confident that they can benefit from your product and will sign up for the premium version.

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Easy to buy because of its payment service.

Customers would consider someone wherein everything is done online. Payment for their subscription should be easier. And because of their busy schedule, they don’t have enough time to go to your office and pay for what they purchase. You can use paypal or credit cards when asking for payments from your customers. It’s fast, easy and more convenient for your customers.

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In addition to this, customers can also get the following benefits when they move to “the cloud”:

Accessible to everyone.

Cloud computing allows employees to be more flexible. People work from different time zone. Employees can work anywhere and can access files easily using their smartphones, laptops or notebooks as long as you have internet connection. The ability to access, edit and share documents and files anytime makes it easy for them to collaborate with each other and do more together.

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Automatics updates.

What’s good about the cloud software is, it is provided to you online. This means you don’t need to waste your time maintaining the system yourself. Plus, updates to a newer version are fast and easy. With only a few clicks, your software is upgraded to the latest model. Also, suppliers are the one in charge of regular software updates, including security updates.

Aside from marketing your products and having your salespeople contact your prospects, your apps must be actively selling itself to customers as well. Since you will be offering Free Trial, you can follow on customers even before the trial expires.