Marketing Trends in Asia: What to Look Forward This 2017

Marketing Trends in Asia: What to Look Forward This 2017


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This year, the Asian consumer culture changed rapidly making it important for B2Bs to adapt to such changes. And with the current marketing trends, it’s more than necessary to plan ahead so that everything is ready in the upcoming year. Also, businesses need to understand how to keep up to date with all the transformations going on in the market in order to meet the needs and demands of the consumers in 2017. Check out the expected business to business marketing trends in Asia below.

Daily Use of Messaging Platforms

The continuous growth of messaging applications today make it more relevant to use messaging platforms on a daily basis. Millions of active users each month rely on WeChat and LINE; the widely used messaging apps in Asia. As a result, businesses take advantage of these go-to channels when it comes to reaching their targeted customers online.


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Fast Fashion

Due to the continued rise in Asian households today, the standard yearly outlay growth on footwear and clothing has significantly increased to 9.5 percent. Across Asia, fast fashion stores expand as the average spending on clothes also continue to increase by 10 percent every year. In fact, China is expected to be accountable for the 1/3 portion of clothing demand in 2018.

Asia to overtake West in 2018

According to, Asian apparel consumption should reach 920 billion dollars in 2018, as compared to 625 billion last year, placing it on the same level as North America and Western Europe. 

In Asia, fast fashion stores expand as the average spending on clothes also continue to increase by 10 percent every year. tweet!

 E-commerce Growth moves to Asia

After the introduction of e-commerce, the United States was the main influencer of its growth. And now that it has become a worldwide phenomenon, Asia is gaining huge growth particularly in China. In fact, the growth is expected to increase twice in 2019 with over one trillion dollars as additional sales. But in order to benefit from this trend, businesses need to expand globally through e-commerce marketing strategies. Here’s how to move your multi-national company expand their business in Asia.

Shoppable Personalized Videos

In 2015, shoppable videos were introduced in the market. And now, it has been amassing momentum among consumers in the Asian continent. This 2017, video creation will drastically change making YouTube and other provider more important than ever. It will help businesses in producing programmatically-generated personalized videos for consumers to use. As a result, e-commerce marketers can place their products on video-based ads on customer preferred platforms.

Here are just some fine examples of short clips we did:

Bottom Line

Business to business marketing rapidly grows along with various trends not just in Asia, but also to other parts of the globe. The quick accessibility and vast options available to consumers make it harder for providers to keep up with all the changes happening in the global market. Hence, it’s important to understand these trends in order to create a successful marketing plan for next year.


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