Marketing Trends in Asia That Will Still Work in 2016

Year End Marketing Trend Report in Asia 2015

‘A bow, handshake, smile, eye to eye contact are just as important as the business itself’ said Judy Caroll in an article Expanding Business in Asia 2016.

Asia has always been known for their rich culture and tradition that never get carried away by trends even in business they are very particular in their beliefs and they value real relationship more than ever but this does not necessarily mean that they would disregard changes that will improve their business.

According to, B2C marketers in China are increasingly investing in social marketing and expect great returns but face the challenge of determining the right social marketing strategies and tactics.

Hubspot survey, State of the Inbound 2015 Asia, also find out that,

3 out of 4 marketers in Asia prioritise an inbound approach to marketing.

While measuring ROI and securing budget are the top 2 challenges across regions, creating content for international audiences and hiring top talent are also top challenges for Asian marketers.

Digital Marketing has brought people, things, and places closer than one could ever imagine. Every able individual, regardless of age, literacy and economic status, live mostly with and through online commodities. So let’s see some trending tactics for Marketing that best worked for business in 2015.


A Cogent Content

People depend on online resources for information gathering, selling, buying and networking. Marketing through the web, has become a very effective strategy for businesses, as it has eased accessibility of connecting businesses to customers.

In the US, and some parts of Asia, Inbound Marketing has become enormously effective for doing business online via content marketing. But how do you knock up your customer’s interest through reading contents?

A content should be comprehensive, relevant and valuable.

  • Readers get attracted to contents with keywords that are easily searched and understood. Ideas presented are relatable to real life scenarios.
  • It details the product or service definition and value proposition, that will help increase website traffic which is dynamic to building a strong online presence.
  • CTAs or call-to-action requests are widely utilized, and such action may progress into practical leads for your business, and eventually convert into sales.

For most businesses in the US and APAC, content marketing is grouped within the top 5 best strategies in their priority list.

A cogent content will draw customers in; however, setting such impression is quite a challenge for some businesses, which brings them to outsource talents and materials.

Mobile Marketing

The digital world has become very complex as it has evolved into more than just a trend, but a lifestyle for most of us. Technology experts recreate devices and applications at the very least of time, thus one has to upgrade quickly to adapt to the new and the latest technology trends, to keep up with life’s daily demands.   e industry now seems to rule business processes and marketing strategies.

Overshadowing web and traditional media (broadcast, print, billboards), mobile marketing is preferred by more than half of internet customers in the world to do business, socialize and even educate. Below are some statistics to show customer behaviors towards mobile marketing:

80% are Smartphone users. (Source: Smart Insights 2015) tweet this!

48% of the 950 surveyed start their research via Search Engines, 33% start on branded websites, and 26% start on branded apps (Source: Google) tweet this!

89% of their time spent on media is through mobile apps, while 11% is through mobile web (Source: Nielsen)  tweet this!

Speed and design are the key players in keeping your business up and competitive in the mobile marketing world, otherwise you will drive customers away.             

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Tools

“Less staff, more work done”.

Many businesses have the same goal now, as new automation suites come through; helped out by other marketing activities like CRM, Email marketing, content management, SEO, and lead scoring, all these pull strengths together to boost relevant and timely delivery of information to the right prospects.

For most B2B marketing companies, an automation tool can be  found under the Technology or Resources tabs of the homepage.

Check out a few links from companies below:

  1. Callbox Lead Nurture Workflows
  2. Adobe Marketo Engage
  3. HubSpot Marketing Automation Software
  4. Oracle Marketing

Searching for the best marketing automation tool is like shopping around for the best outfit in a crowded department store on a holiday sale. There’s just too much brand promotion, slogans, testimonial ads etc., that could get you confused which one fits best, or which one is valued at a reasonable price.  

Callbox, went the other way to rid off the hassle of the loud and bumpy crowd, and instead tailored an automation tool for itself, which is less expensive and easier to use – Callbox Pipeline’s Lead Nurture Tool. It was designed based on the company’s goal to be able to send the right message to the right person at the right time. And it’s just a perfect fit!

There’s still much new technology to expect for the marketing business. But you have to be circumspect on deciding which tactic would work best – A Trending Tactic for Marketing in 2016.