How to Maximize AdWords For Your B2B Marketing Strategy

How to Maximize AdWords For Your B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B marketers are always aiming for higher traffic. It’s not that difficult to figure out why. Being able to generate higher site visits means opening up to numerous opportunities for growth. What this means is that higher traffic numbers can lead to higher sales numbers, so it becomes a priority for B2B brands to go the extra mile in terms of implementing a lead generation strategy. This is exactly where Google’s AdWords fits in.

For sure, there are countless methods and tactics that can help marketers achieve their goals. And while adopting a social media campaign is a no-brainer, marketers will need to diversify their strategy by incorporating other tools and platforms that focus on other important approaches such as retargeting.

No doubt, we can count AdWords as among the most powerful implements a B2B brand should have in its arsenal. The benefits it brings to companies struggling with their marketing campaigns are just too important to ignore.

The Merits of AdWords

Writing for Forbes, John Rampton is able to underline the essential benefits that only AdWords can provide. One such benefit, according to Rampton, is that the service allows for a higher click-through-rate compared with other online strategies such as SEO.

With that in mind, Google has been incessant in improving the service, giving B2B companies a potential window through which high-quality leads can enter. What’s more, it also comes useful in remarketing your products and offers to visitors who declined during the first engagement. AdWords locates them online and makes sure that they are continually exposed to your message.

Another important reason is its value in targeted marketing. Accuracy is everything in the world of B2B and it becomes essential to create content that’s relevant to a certain demographic. In this case, the service allows for effective behavioral marketing. Companies can define their target audiences better and deliver content that pulls at their heartstrings.

The fact that it is “faster than SEO” in delivering results and that it is easier to track makes the platform that much popular to both large and smaller companies. It’s only a matter of practice and using the right approach to be able to bring out the best that this nifty marketing tool has to offer.

Tips and Tricks

Know your goals

Just like any other B2B marketing strategy, using AdWords should start from square one – defining your goals. Before you can embark on using the service, you will need to identify what you want to achieve first. This is vital as it allows you to create clearer approaches. If your main focus is to generate high-quality leads, then you might as well focus on keyword matching. And speaking of keywords…

Conduct keyword research

Ah, yes, keywords. The fuel that powers many a digital campaign and also a difficult resource to master. Google has become a lot stricter in regulating the number of online ads being promoted through its search pages. The situation has compelled marketers to take up keyword research more seriously. Using a combination of broad and phrase matching can certainly get things going, but to be sure you’re on the right track, you will need to use the Keyword Planner to determine the best search queries and phrases to use in crafting your messages.

Use negative keywords

You can’t always expect the right user to click on your ad. More often than not, PPC campaigns can also generate a ton of unqualified traffic. You can effectively get around this issue through the use of negative matching. This works by simply telling Google to ignore certain keywords that would target the wrong people and by promoting your message to the right people.

Know your numbers

To know the extent of your successes, it’s always important to look at your numbers and see whether your campaign is delivering the expected results. For this reason, you need to make use of analytical tools that can aid you in planning future PPC campaigns. Accurate reporting can lead you in the right direction in your efforts to generate higher quality B2B leads. By knowing which keywords to use and which to drop, you can improve your messaging and eventually improve your online traffic. More importantly, analyzing the successes of your campaign allows better control over ad spending, ensuring that your bottom line remains unscathed.