Marketing and Sales Outsourcing Myths in Singapore

Many people achieve better results when working with partners. They draw support and confidence from working with someone with whom they can dive in the same depth and speak the same language. Take Batman & Robin, for example, Lennon & McCartney, Pumbaa & Timone, and, you and your outsourced sales and marketing provider.

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Statistics show that 78% of businesses feel positive about their relationship with their outsourcing company. Here are the reasons why:

Cost savings: Without the need to spend money on recruiting and training new staff, outsourcing is often a cost-effective option for companies to access expertise and knowledge.

Increased efficiency: Outsourcing can help businesses streamline their operations by delegating non-essential tasks to specialized service providers. Freeing up resources to concentrate on core skills helps increase your team’s productivity and efficiency.

Access to expertise: Through outsourcing, businesses are able to tap the specialized skills and knowledge of their outsourcing partners, who can be more knowledgeable and experienced in specific areas compared to the company itself.

Improved flexibility: Outsourcing enables businesses to scale up and down their operations when necessary. Businesses need not worry about the administrative burdens and costs associated with hiring and firing staff.

Focus on core business: Businesses can divert more of their time, resources, and energy to their core business activities with the help of outsourcing. This can boost growth and competitiveness.

Because outsourcing allows them to accomplish their business objectives more successfully and efficiently, companies can feel generally pleased about their connection with their outsourcing provider.

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However, despite the impressive stats and the benefits of outsourcing, there are still others who remain skeptical about the idea. These are people who choose to keep all business functions secluded in an employer-employee relationship and prefer working on their own because of fears of cost, losing control, and getting bad results. But, all these fears are just myths – misconceptions that hold them back from supposedly discovering new tactics to help their business grow.

This article will help you find out the truth behind the seven most common myths about marketing and sales outsourcing.

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Business gets out of hand

Since you are hiring a contractor and not an employee, you are left to just assumptions about how your campaign is managed because you do not have a physical oversight of how your outsourced marketing firm works.

Truth is…

Fear not physically overseeing your campaign as your outsourced marketing and sales provider will give you access to a CRM where you can track all campaign activities in real-time. And just like any other company, they are bound by in-house rules which regulate every workflow in your campaign and align all other aspects of the business that resonate with your standards.

Second-rate results

Although you can directly discuss quality, most outsourcing providers come after quantity. Chances are, they would submit even half-baked leads just to show performance numbers.

Truth is…

Quality Assurance is one significant process in sales and marketing. Leads go through a qualification process that is based on your campaign specification and passes through a lead nurturing scheme to ensure that only the most qualified and high-converting leads proceed to the bottom of the sales funnel. 

It’s just a band-aid solution

You can’t really expect a solid and consistent application of solutions.

Truth is…

Outsourced providers are consistently gearing up for the future by incorporating automation and other technological innovations to keep up with market demands. And as the industry continues to grow, leveraging smart marketing technology, you are also ensured that the best tools are used to run your campaign to draw measurable results. 

For major players only

Providers would present several apps and processes to use that sum up to an overwhelming proposal that looks too pricey.

Truth is…

There isn’t a one size fits all approach in sales and marketing. Providers tailor-fit solutions based on your business needs and targets, and the tools they use and the processes they do for big-time players are the same set package they can provide for your business. More so, they have a single foresight for all client types and sizes they serve – to help them achieve business growth.   

Can get your wires crossed 

Communication is one of the major cons of outsourcing which may be caused by several reasons like the provider’s location or time zone, SDR’s language competitiveness, and product knowledge, resulting in misinformation.

Truth is…

The sales and marketing duo have gone a long way and practically evolved into one essential communication tool between you and your customers. It keeps your customers informed of what’s new and what’s the best in the market, while it gives you an idea of what your customers need, their choices, and their buying behavior. 

With the help of content marketing tools, automation, and nurturing platforms, outsourcing allows you to deliver your message to your target buyer personas through a multi-touch, multi-channel approach via phone, mobile, email, web, chat, and social.

It costs a fortune 

This is a major play in outsourcing. Providers will promise you a team composed of an account manager, agent, database staff, team leader, and quality assurance specialist, who for all you know, also handles several accounts for other clients. This could impact work quality due to split focus which is not worth the cost. 

Truth is…

A dedicated team will be assigned to your campaign which if you completely hire in-house, won’t give you the same cost cut that outsourcing does – 59% savings on overhead, infrastructure, hardware, data, and technology costs, and shortened time on hiring, training, onboarding, and turnover processes.    

A cry for help 

When your in-house practices are not working anymore, outsourcing comes as the next option, but may not always be the best. 

Truth is…

It could be a cause, but business downtime is only one of the many good reasons to outsource and explore options outside your turf. Break into new markets, target a new customer group or launch a new product are inspiring CTAs that can help you stay ahead of the competition.

So, bid those myths goodbye and see what outsourcing has to offer. A provider who has rich working experience with various industries and who uses smart marketing technology will make a perfect partner and shun all your misconceptions about marketing and sales outsourcing.

Debunk the myths: Work with B2B experts

We’ve been saying that the e-commerce industry is growing at a bullet speed, and the shift is very clear in B2B.

Notwithstanding the most recent shifts caused by digitization and changes in consumer behavior, there are still cynics who are still hesitant to embrace the latest B2B trends. The resistance persists, given the belief that outsourcing is too complicated, reduces your existing workforce, and relinquishes your control over your business

Believing these myths, sadly, will only block your way to B2B success. Understanding and meeting your customers’ needs and expectations is crucial in this turbulent and fiercely competitive marketplace. The sooner you can create plans to keep up with and promote B2B sales, the better. Buyers will look to other suppliers if you don’t. And besides, inaccurate preconceived ideas may harm your B2B efforts. 

This is why it’s important to debunk these myths and counter them with expert advice instead. Outsourcing your marketing and sales efforts will help you acquire quality leads and high-performing leads, save time, and reduce costs.

Marketing and sales efforts, including lead generation, are activities best placed in the hands of experts, like Callbox.

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Outsourcing your marketing and sales team is a crucial business decision. When used correctly, it can provide significant value by placing your company in the hands of experts. The key is to know and fully comprehend your company and its needs before selecting the right team of experts to outsource for your company’s future growth.

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