Online and Offline Marketing Tactics to Position your Consulting Business in the APAC Market

Online and Offline Marketing Tactics to Position your Consulting Firm in APAC Market

As a business owner, you may be wondering where to invest your money and which one gives you better ROI. In modern marketing, more and more marketers use online marketing to reach out to prospects because of the increase in online activities of consumers.

However, in the financial and consulting world, 60% of the prospects’ decision was influenced by word of mouth from family and friends because choosing someone you can trust is more important.

Trying to position a consulting firm in the APAC market can be a bit challenging. With too much competition, gaining the trust of your prospects and providing quality service are just some of the challenges you need to face. Because of these challenges, marketers utilize both online and offline marketing tactics.


Online marketing is a way to spread brand awareness with the use of the internet to reach out to your target prospects and eventually get them to purchase from you. Online marketing campaign includes;

Email Marketing

A marketing email should;

  • Be personalized depending on your prospect’s wants and needs.
  • Contain graphics
  • Have interesting message
  • Contain CTA
  • Be designed for both desktop and mobile

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Email marketing is effective on its own. However, integrating it with marketing automation is more effective. Having a hassle-free trigger-based campaign where you can;

  • send information and respond to prospects in real-time (even if you’re not there) and when they are most likely active
  • Assign certain triggers such as sending a follow-up email or having someone call this prospect, after actions taken by a website visitor – filling out a form or signing up for a free ebook. These triggers can get higher conversion and increased revenue.


  • It is not enough to just create high-quality blogs and publish it or share it on social media. In order for search engines, especially Google to give credit to your website, you must include backlinks. To those who are new to SEO, backlinks are links that are directed to your website.

Why are backlinks important?

High-quality backlinks can help your website rank better in the search engine. Higher rankings mean better visibility in the search results. Better visibility means higher traffic for your website.  

  • Use google analytics to analyze your data wisely. Use it to know the behavior of your audience, what device they use and where most of the website traffic comes from, etc.
  • Value the importance of having a good website design. (How could it affect the attention span of your website visitors, how you could convert these visitors into leads etc)

Content Marketing

  • Include guest posting, newsletter, Influencer round-up post, Visual content (infographic, slides, video), and technical content writing (case study, white papers, etc.) in your content marketing calendar.

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Social Media Marketing

Every now and then, a new social networking site is created. Try new social networking sites like Bebee, Growth Hackers, Shocase, Xing, and Sollaborate. Don’t settle with being on Facebook and Twitter alone because these mediums are already saturated and the competition for your audience’s attention is a bit high. There’s nothing wrong with trying out a new horizon. You won’t be able to know the potential of these websites if you don’t try them on your own.


Offline marketing is a way to reach and grab the attention of your prospects without the use of the Internet and nurture them until such time they’ve reached the last stage of their buying journey and are ready to purchase from you.  Below are the strategies and the articles related to help you start your campaign;

Here’s how both our online and offline marketing work together to increase brand awareness, generate more sales, get higher ROI, and position your consulting firm in the APAC market?

A mix marketing means having your online marketing techniques support and work hand in hand with your offline marketing strategies.

For example:

  • I send out introductory emails to my prospects and follow up with them through a call. When doing a follow-up call, prioritize who to call first.
    • Prospects who showed interest and responded to your email.
    • Those who opened the email but failed to respond.
    • Prospects with no actions (didn’t open or respond to the email)
  • Utilize social media marketing and content marketing to promote a business event.
  • Call prospects who inquired through social media.

Just because many marketers prefer online marketing doesn’t mean offline marketing will no longer work. Combining both of these online and offline marketing tactics to position your consulting firm in the APAC market feels like a match made in heaven.  

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