How to Optimize your B2B Mobile Marketing Strategy

How to Optimize your B2B Mobile Marketing Strategy

What’s the current state of your current B2B mobile marketing strategy? If you think you’re not hitting target results yet despite much effort you exert, think over by asking yourself these questions: do you completely understand your customers’ mobile needs and expectation, are you using the right app and do you get enough support processes to make your mobile usage beneficial.

There’s a looming wide range of mobile interactions, mobile marketing, and customer support capabilities, that’s why it is important to be keen with customer behaviours to be able to select the right combination of functionality that will fit your industry and meet your processes requirements.

Here are some insights to help you optimize your B2B mobile marketing strategy:

Scheme out a complete customer engagement strategy

Gather all your business teams to scheme out a holistic customer engagement strategy from mobile marketing to customer services. Marketing and customer service teams must fully work together, but must also engage other parts of the business to achieve balance and intensity of interaction type (inbound, outbound or event).

You customer engagement scheme must be well regulated. Determine how you often you should get in touch with customers, proper channel or app to use and what needs to be communicated to them, and what business value and customer experience to be drawn from these actions.

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Be keen on customers as well as competitors

Learn what the best customer engagement strategies in your industry are and know what other industries have and come up with a good strategy customization. The telecommunications industry is a good example by not limiting its capabilities to just usage but getting its customers engaged through end-user functionalities like notifications and warnings.

Also, make improvements and added customer experience known. However, avoid throwing at them too many developments at a time to rid ‘app fatigue’ or overwhelming feeling. But in case they do re-engage customers via notification and alerts.

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Take mobile analytics as a must-have

It takes in-app and customer journey analytics to be able to gauge user engagement from different channels, mobile websites, and apps such as the time customers spend on your app, the average number of visits as well as customer behavior based on live usage.

Make sure that your mobile app is easy to read, navigate and link to other processes. Key performance metrics are important tools to track to know how your business is doing and where it is going. Analytics plays a very important role in examining user design and overall user experience.