Regional Marketing Strategies in Singapore (and APAC)

Regional Marketing Strategies in Singapore (and APAC)

Big guys come strong. Here are three wise strategic marketing moves from the biggest brands in Singapore that you can pattern for your regional office.


Singapore’s giant telco, SingTel Group, together with gaming hardware manufacturing leader, Razer and other supporting organizations, launched the PVP eSports Championship, a multi-title and regional league which aims to grow the gaming and digital content across the Asia Pacific. The strategy will pave the way for the group to re-organize e-sports activities and content, and leverage its mobile customer base. More so, capitalize on its telco assets and partnerships to gain a part of the e-sports industry.   

Singtel International Group Ceo, Arthur Lang sees that e-sports is becoming more mainstream, and is set to be included in the upcoming Asian Games in 2018 in Jakarta as a demonstration sport, as well as considered to be a potential medal event in the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Lang believes that with e-sports, Singtel will be able to generate new content for their subscribers via different channels like TV and OTT.

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Major digital advertising technology platform, OpenX, will launch its regional hub in Singapore in the third quarter of this year as it continues to experience international growth. The company is looking on making the necessary investments in talent to ensure success and growth by increasing headcount in the region and expansion into other markets, including Australia which is due to launch by the end of the year.

Good leadership really counts. The expansion move was resolved after OpenX made success tracks in Japan with 52% year-over-year growth revenue with the hiring of a new senior business leader and the doubling of publisher partnerships in the region.

The company’s expansion is supposed to boost OpenX’s presence in other Asian markets and open up even greater possibilities to drive consumer engagement at a scale.

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GSS or the Great Singapore Sale is underway but the then looked out season sale by local and foreign consumers slipped behind the digital advent. GSS has become quieter in the past three years due to digital-savvy consumers like millennials, the biggest buying market in Singapore, who are making their buying decisions based on online research, social media and peer recommendations.

In order to address the challenge, the SRA or Singapore Retail Association made improvements to their GoSpree app, which was first launched last year, by using personalization technologies and connecting offline and online shopping experiences.

The GoSpree app is believed to bring effective digital marketing and omnichannel tactics, and lift the GSS back to being a premium-shopping event. By leveraging the digital channels to launch full-scale marketing campaign that could effectively draw potential local and foreign buyers.

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