The Do’s and Don’ts When Doing B2B Telesales

The Do's and Don'ts When Doing B2B Telesales

What is B2B Telemarketing? It is when annoying call center agents are calling random businesses wanting to speak with a specific person to say their sales pitch.

Telemarketing is essential in every business. Having an in-house sales team to do lead generation campaign is proven to be difficult while outsourcing a B2B lead generation company is more effective and cost-efficient. Most businesses in Singapore would consider outsourcing a company who can provide them good quality and sales-ready leads to increase their sales. Plus, it provides them opportunities to improve their company’s business sales process. However, not all companies in Singapore are successful in doing this especially those (SMBs) small to medium businesses.

Now, the question is, how to become effective in B2B telemarketing? Sounds easy, right? However many companies are still doing same mistakes. Here are the do’s and don’ts to remember in B2B telemarketing.


  1. Hire a good B2B telemarketing company with well-trained telemarketers to do a lead generation campaign for you. Bring out the best in your telemarketing team.
  2. Identify the type of campaign that you want; an office appointment, phone appointment or a demo. It’s the reason you are calling.
  3. Identify your (ICP) Ideal Customer Profile. Secure a good list to call (most telemarketing companies can have their own database that you can rent or use during your campaign) based on the following:
    • Target area
    • Target industry
    • Target people
    • Company size (employee size, annual sales, etc) 
  4. Prepare a script for sales reps to use. TIP: When creating a script remember, KISS (Keep It Short and Simple)
  5. Choose a confident, highly-trained and professional agent to represent your company.
  6. Conduct product training with the team who will handle your lead generation campaign.
  7. Send out initial email prior to the start of the campaign
  8. Have the team start making calls. When making call, make sure to prioritize:
    • Those who replied on the email
    • Those who opened the email but didn’t respond to it
    • Other contacts within the list that you’ve sent an email
    • Contacts within the list with no email addresses and do profiling by gathering and verifying their contact information.
  9. Make sure all in house sales reps are available to follow up and call all scheduled appointments.


  1. Apologize for calling or say, “I’m sorry to bother you today”. The truth is, you’re not sorry you called and the prospect knows that.
  2. Be afraid to probe and ask questions about their current setup. Here are the sales probing questions you must ask.
  3. Be afraid of prospect’s objections. Know how many call attempts to do before you surrender a lead.
  4. Be rude or be defensive when answering objections.
  5. Get distracted by doing other things such as; texting, multitasking and emailing other prospects, talking to a colleague, facebook and eating while calling.
  6. Interrupt prospects when they’re talking. Always LISTEN. Here’s why listening is important.
  7. Lie. When found out may damage the credibility or the company or the brand you represent. What to do when you don’t know the answer to your prospect’s sales questions? Find out.
  8. Assume based on what you think you already know. ALWAYS clarify with the prospect. Remember, if it didn’t happen on your call, it’s not considered done. TIP: Ask the prospect to repeat what he just said or ask him to elaborate if you didn’t understand.
  9. Over complicate your call. Use the KISS technique!!!
  10. Hang up before your prospect or slam the phone down after a bad call. ALWAYS be professional. It damages the company you represent.
  11. Speak too quickly. Make sure the prospect understands the purpose of your call.
  12. Call the same company over and over again within the day. Don’t call them everyday unless you are advised to call back.
  13. Stutter. You’ll sound less authoritative. TIP: Prepare before making a call.
  14. Forget to call back when said you would.  

In order to maximize your company’s sales opportunities, you must understand the importance of lead generation before you even start reaching out to your prospects. Let the experts provide qualified leads and appointments for your company and have your in house sales team nurture these leads instead.