The New Year Resolution of A Singaporean Businessman

The New Year’s Resolution of A Singaporean Businessman

Goodbye 2016! 2017 has started and it’s that time of the year where everybody is looking forward for a happier, stronger and a more successful year. Every year, people make their own list of New Year’s resolution. From finding a job to living a healthy lifestyle, every year means different things to people.

I used to make my own new year’s resolution but never followed through with them. Some people believe this practice is outdated. While others believe in it just like they still believe in Santa Claus. Sure, resolutions are hard to achieve but most of us use it to change a bad habit and develop a positive one to motivate ourselves to do better every year.

Even successful Singaporean businessman has their own list of the things they want to do to improve and become better than last year. And guess what? Most of them find it effective.

But why do we make New Year’s resolution?

New Year’s resolution is about being hopeful that everything you wish for this year will come true. For me, the success of our New Year’s resolutions starts with our mind.  I’ve decided to do it again this year. Here’s a list of my new year’s resolutions this 2017 that any present and new businessman can do too.

#1. Launch and Market That Product or Service!

There is no such thing as a “perfect” time to launch a product or service.

Many new entrepreneurs are afraid to fail. There are lots of reasons why launching a great product becomes unsuccessful. Not because you don’t have enough capital or you just have a bad business concept. One of the reasons why businesses fail is because nobody knows that your company exists. You could have the best idea in the world, but if people don’t know about you, you won’t get a sale.

So think of it this way, “Wherever you go, no matter the weather, bring your own sunshine.” Anthony J. D’Angelo

Just launch it! Make people aware of your company and see what happens.

#2. Don’t Bother About What Others Think of You

Everyone has always something to say. At some point, people will judge you or your company. But don’t let criticism stop you from starting and running your own business the way you think you should.

As what Confucius says, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

Think of criticism positively. Instead, think of it as something you can use to improve your business.

#3. Don’t Be Afraid to Outsource

Running your own business will get you burn out easily especially if you are the only one doing all the tasks by yourself. Don’t be afraid to delegate some of your responsibilities to others. Outsource and hire professionals to help you out with your list and marketing campaign. This will help you focus on more important stuff on how to run your business. 

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#4. Separate “You” (as a person) from “You” (as an entrepreneur).

Running a business requires your time 24/7. But being an entrepreneur, you are working on your passion so don’t fight it. But don’t forget about other things in your life, such as family and friends – that’s also important. Also, don’t forget to find time for yourself. Step away from everything and do things that make you happy outside of business. This will help you achieve a more balanced life.

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#5. Grow your Business Using Social Media

Starting a business is tough. But if you’re going to launch a product or service, get started and run a campaign on social media. Don’t be afraid to expand your resources. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Ads, email marketing, local papers, etc. are a good way of letting your market know about your product or service.

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As a business owner, you have your own way of running your business the way you want it to be. Leverage every year by doing something better and amazing.  

“The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss

Cheers to 2017!