The Ten Steps To A Better Telemarketing Agent

Let us face it, we will have to use telemarketing, in one way or another. Be it in appointment setting or in phone surveys, there will times that a phone call is precisely what we need in the course of our marketing campaigns. We just have to know how to best maximize its rate of success. You see, when it comes to this marketing tool, the people involved can be the biggest factor in its success or failure. How you pull that off will depend on how you help your marketers become better in this medium.

True, there are plenty of ways to achieve your goals, but as long as you observe these ten basic pointers, then you are good to go:

  1. Ask their opinion about their call – this will encourage them to open up and tell you what they think they did in the call. If they tell you to tell them what you think, answer that this is an internal exercise for them.
  2. Give them good feedback – a responsible lead generation manager would praise his agents for a job well done, and is also quick to point out learning opportunities they can work on together.
  3. Make sure the other party understands your lectures – we often fall to the mistake of talking too much about how your agents can improve, without actually checking if they really got what you are saying.
  4. Help solve whatever problems your agents face – once you know where they weak in, or where they are having problems, you can use it as a learning point in their training.
  5. Provide them your own version of the solution – in case the solution they had in mind is not the optimal one, this is the part where you add your two cents and provide them the right answer.
  6. Seek agreement – once you have discussed with your agent the merits of both his and your solutions to generating more B2B leads, try seeking common ground with them on this goal.
  7. Practice makes perfect – you see, to really check if they got what you are saying, doing a little practice run on your campaign would be an excellent idea. See if they have integrated all those suggested improvement that the two of you have worked on.
  8. Stick with the changes – you and your agent should stick to the plan in order to see if it will succeed or not. Set a deadline or a scheduled follow-up to see its effectiveness.
  9. Give encouragements – these little acts of acknowledging what they are doing can be a pretty good motivational factor for them to keep working. You should not take that lightly.
  10. Do some follow-ups – once the task you needed done or the changes you wanted are implemented, check the progress of your agent’s work. This will help you determine whether your discussions with them have borne fruit.

These are little, yet effective, ways to make your telemarketing team more effective in generating B2B leads.