Asia’s Top Digital Marketing Events in 2019

Asia's Top Digital Marketing Events in 2019

What’s 2019 got to offer to the tech industry? Let’s find out what’s hot and new in the digital world by peeping through the list of the upcoming top digital marketing events in Asia this 2019.


  1. A cybersecurity summit was held in Bangkok Thailand last January 21-23, 2019, which is called CPX360. The summit featured up-to-date intelligence on global threats by leading cybersecurity experts.
  1. While Cybersecurity Xchange 2019 February 17 to March 1, 2019, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a 3-day event that will showcase the latest cybersecurity trends, like effective cyber resilience and leverage on the efficiency of AI, machine learning, and blockchain.
  2. Further ahead this year, on December 6-8, 2019, ‘Cyber Security Indonesia’ will hold discussions on the world’s largest source of cyber-attacks in Jakarta.

Emerging Technologies

  1. Just a week after Valentine, February 19-22, 2019, the 2nd Annual Intelligent Automation Asia conference will gather Asia’s leading innovators and technology disruptors in Singapore, to share upcoming initiatives and challenges they have encountered on their intelligent automation journeys.
  2. A summit in Jakarta Indonesia called Big Data & AI Leaders Summit on March 5-6, 2019 will feature technology experts like scientists, IT leaders, AI and machine learning innovators who are redesigning the technology and business landscapes.


  1. The week of November 12-16, 2019 will hold Singapore Fintech Festival, the world’s largest Fintech festival and global platform for the Fintech community in Singapore.  
  2. Meanwhile, Indonesia Fintech Show on November 6-8, 2019 will give attention to engaging the Indonesian financial service community, forging partnerships with companies offering complementary technology and services, generating new and targeted leads launching new products to the community, investors, and media, meeting key decision makers from startups to multinationals, promoting and raising brand awareness, seizing new business opportunities, and sourcing new funds and investments.


  1. IOT Asia, a dedicated business platform at the forefront of creating collaboration and knowledge-sharing opportunities for professionals in the IOT value chain, will be holding its 6th edition event on March 27-28, 2019 in Singapore

Digital Transformation

  1. While stakeholders in operations, HR, finance, marketing, and technology will come to a forum to the 7th Annual Enterprise Innovation CXO Forum,  to understand and collectively strategize for a sustainable enterprise transformation, on February 28, 2019, in Singapore.

Conclusion: Digital marketing has changed business landscapes by leveling the playing field in a competitive marketplace, with data collection and analysis as the key to success, and social media as a crucial tool for communication and reducing costs, but what these upcoming events have in store for marketers, brands and consumers this 2019 is yet to be seen.

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