Top Strategies for Boosting Cloud Services Sales

Top Strategies for Boosting Cloud Services Sales

For 2017, a Forbes article provided very crucial numbers that would define the cloud services market in the coming years. From $67 billion in 2015, the market for the technology will reach a whopping $162 billion by 2020. Like everything in the known universe, there are also reasons that explain why this is so. And these reasons are basically too obvious, to begin with.

One thing to consider is the fact that businesses will adopt the cloud as an important step in modernizing their operations. Salesforce has also made it clear that cloud services are here to stay by pointing out its benefits in terms of data security and recovery as well as allowing businesses to operate beyond office spaces.

Clearly, the cloud will be a mainstay and an innovative feature that enterprises should (no, scratch that, must!) tap into. For IT companies that are developing their own cloud services, it has become a challenge for them to market their offers in an arena of increasing competition. For that reason, companies that have their own adaptations of the cloud are putting a lot of resources into developing strategies that are sure to impact the bottom line.

But before we get into the business of coming up such strategies, it would be useful for IT companies to consider some crucial facts about the cloud in the context of marketing it to businesses.

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It requires understanding

It requires understanding

MarketingProfs aptly points out the supposed volatile nature of the market for cloud services. Even if we have come realize that adoption among various sectors is inevitable in the foreseeable future, it is still important to package the cloud to the enterprises that might need them. As much as we want to point out the high points of having a cloud system for one’s enterprise, we still need to address a lack of understanding of what the technology is capable of. This is one aspect of the marketing side that IT companies should spend more time on.

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Security as top priority

Security as top priority

As a data management tool, the cloud is strictly a powerful tool for streamlining business activities and avoiding added costs in maintaining a large data bank. But what has struck most businesses right now is that skepticism over whether or not cloud services are secure from unwanted access. Data protection is a much crucial concern as data convenience, which makes cloud services all the more a hard-sell, especially when one’s target market is the financial services sector. To convince clients that the cloud is as safe as titanium vault would require coming up with effective proposals.

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Leveraging the right channels and strategies

Leveraging the right channels and strategies

A more crucial concern in marketing cloud services is the need to determine the most appropriate venues for promotion. While online platforms and outbound marketing methods are obviously on the table, it is implementing an effective marketing strategy that secures a shorter sales cycle and enables engagements with cloud leads to end up in sales.

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If you opt for your cloud services to get ahead of the competition, here are some of the most important strategies to consider.

Personalized messages

Chatbots and the like are cool in their own right. But you have to admit that putting a personal touch on your cloud offers is still irreplaceable. After all, the only way to allay concerns over security is to talk to potential clients and ask them relevant questions about such issues.

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Secure thought leadership

In order to articulate your service’s value even further, you can share your thoughts about this amazing technology on reputable websites. Potential buyers for cloud services want only one thing, and it’s the assurance that such services can help them address concerns over business efficiency. Writing a guest post or producing a video aimed at educating would-be buyers about the cloud is one way to go.

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Using a multi-channel lead generation

You need to be familiar with multi-channel marketing as a much-needed partner for your promotional efforts. At any rate, outreach is an essential component in most of your efforts, so you have to expend a lot of your resources in maintaining channels aimed at getting the attention of your target audience. Having a healthy balance between inbound and outbound marketing will do the trick in getting your message across.

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