What Business Marketers Can Learn from Disney’s ‘Frozen’

A businesswoman holding her laptop while waving

The highest grossing animated film of all time has all the reasons for its success, not only in the realm of cinema but also in the minds of Disney fans – both young and young at heart.

The unprecedented popularity of the feature film, not to mention that epidemic theme song that has made the whole world sing once again, has in no time cemented its mark in the production company’s historical pages. It has become so well-liked that people can’t seem to – you guessed it – let it go.

What made ‘Frozen’ accomplish such a feat, and what can marketers learn from it?

Focus on what you do best

In the past century up to this one, Disney has always been on the forefront of innovation and experimenting on new horizons, but they always end up succeeding in their traditional magic. When we think of Disney, we think of princesses and great storytelling, which runs in the very core of almost all successful animations they’ve created.

As lead generation marketers, it’s important to determine – and stick to – the core values of the business. Realize what your company is really known for from the beginning, and use that as your most powerful image when branding yourself out into the market.

Gather all the right ingredients

Everyone knows that there’s no standard formula for lead generation success. Marketers need to assess its activities based on what would most likely work on a particular audience and time frame. Only bring in those that would enhance the campaign, and skip those which would not help it move forward.

Take ‘Frozen’ for example. The film spells success in every angle: a good, unique story, a lovable character, an amazing theme song, and a talented voice cast. Not to mention the awe-inspiring marketing approach in promoting the film.

Send one message, use multiple channels

‘Frozen’ is already slated to appear on Broadway and ice skating theater, as well as pushing more distribution of its original soundtrack album. It would also be no surprise if Disney would plan on doing a sequel, considering the success of the film.

The internet and traditional media have given us several options for sending a marketing message out into the public. With thorough planning, marketers can figure out how to effectively maintain a brand within the people’s awareness, either through content, email, telemarketing, or social media marketing.