Why Grades Do Not Matter In Marketing And Business

A graphic illustration of a resume

One of the qualities of a successful marketing campaign pretty much depends on the ability of the marketer to do the work required. And here is the fun part, how do you choose your marketers, then? For companies hiring new ones, what qualifications are you looking for in a lead generation representative? Will an interview bring out the truth, or would their grades be your indicator of their capacity? Will whatever evaluation method you use during the hiring process tell you who are the most qualified in generating sales leads?

Actually, if the interview with Laszlo Bock, Google VP for people operations, was any indication, then grades, interviews, tests and what-not’s actually do not contribute anything. And that is coming from a company that has collected a ton of data about hiring processes and employee performance. All their research reveals that there is no correlation between school grades and work performance at all. The only thing they learned is that some people are hardwired to succeed in school while there are others that are more attuned to corporate and appointment setting work, not school.

One thing for sure: the way you do your work after a few years will greatly differ with your work back in school. Being able to adapt to these changes will be the real measure of your employees’ ability to generate B2B leads.

Of course, there is also the communication medium to be considered. Will it be social media, email, or telemarketing? These will influence the kind of people assigned to the task.