Callbox Gets a Nod from Comparakeet!

Callbox Gets a Nod from Comparakeet!

Can Callbox get any better?

Well, apparently yes, because according to a top product review site, we belong to the top brass of lead generation services out there!

Comparakeet Best Lead Generation Services 2016

Product review giant Comparakeet has included Callbox in the Top Sales Lead Generation Services, joining the likes of LinkedIn and Comparakeet gave Callbox a score of 9.6 out of 10 for its “robust offerings in the entire industry, mainly because of their multi-pronged approach – targeting every possible avenue like voice, email, social, web and mobile.”

As a full-service B2B lead generation company that caters to a diverse range of industries, Callbox has provided only the best in terms of nurturing client interactions and qualifying leads to grow sales and improve revenue performance.

But more than that, Comparakeet has also noted Callbox’s willingness to bring their client’s marketing through whole new levels using a multi-channel approach.

As companies right now outline the need to improve and streamline their lead generation and appointment setting efforts, Callbox has truly made a name for itself on its own turf.

Want to know more about why we’re on top? Feel free to read up on what we are REALLY capable of. Learn more about or Multi-Touch Multi-Channel Marketing Approach.