Callbox Sales Prospecting Masterclass, The ABM Approach, Reached, Connected and Engaged

Callbox Sales Prospecting Masterclass, The ABM Approach, Reached, Connected and Engaged (Featured Image)

Callbox has just concluded another successful Sales Prospecting Masterclass! 

The third leg of this year’s series happened last September 11 at JustCo, Robinson Road, Singapore. The event was attended by sales and marketing leaders from various industries who took away loads of knowledge about sales prospecting using the ABM approach.

The masterclass underscored the importance of an account-based marketing framework in the sales prospecting landscape, broke down its components and the crucial steps in implementing ABM, and its benefits.

Attendees were educated on how to select ideal accounts with the highest potential to turn into customers, identify contact personas to build complete profiles of individuals involved in the decision-making process, capture prospect information, score qualified prospects, nurture and convert prospects and measure success with ABM metrics.

After the discussion, attendees gained knowledge and understanding about ABM, its components and crucial implementation process, and are now able to build a clear understanding of what their target accounts are, navigate the organizational charts of each target company, map out relationships among stakeholders, gather insights to personalize their approach and manage opportunities better. 

As the discussion narrowed from steps and processes down to significant tools and resources, participants became more keen to learn about the subject. They exchanged thoughts through small conversations, compare their current processes with ABM approach and threw questions that required practical answers. The event was capped with applause from the audience.

The duration of the session is just right. Points of the speaker were clear and concise.