Callbox Visits The Lion City of Asia to Bring more Investments

Callbox Visits The Lion City of Asia to Bring more Investment

Callbox is a more than a decade-year- old sales and marketing firm and has traveled miles across continents to provide A1 sales and marketing services to its global clients. Over the years, it has established kindred relationships with all sorts of businesses from country to country however never cease to visit one it greatly considers as a second home, Singapore.

The 18th to the 21st of October 2016 marks another rendezvous for Callbox with its patrons in The Lion City. The meeting will be hosted by Callbox Client Services Manager for APAC, Ms. Fe Manuel who’s bringing some promising pasalubong of beneficial discussion about Callbox Multi-Touch Multi-Channel marketing solutions.

The upcoming series of meetings are expected to draw more Singapore businesses to take advantage of Callbox Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Marketing Program that includes lead nurturing processes,which has brought business successes to its clients.

Upon Callbox Southeast Asia headquarters’ inception it had no other country eyed to be the next recipient of its stellar lead generation services but SIngapore. Giant software and IT companies were the first industries to experience a lead generation program like no other which focuses not merely on their business needs but is able to help in coping with obstacles and aligns its goals and objectives with theirs. Teamwork played a consequential role in the campaign processes which took both Callbox and its Singapore clients victoriously soaring high. Take a look at some of them below:

A file transfer expert firm fully utilized Callbox multi-channel lead generation program which lasted for four (4) fruitful years.

Callbox and the Quartered Success of The File Transfer Expert

Meanwhile, a leading supplier of shipping software and IT solutions had these to say:

“Callbox did an excellent job in generating interest in the Client’s target market”.

“Callbox was able to bring in new clients despite working across different cultures and time zones”.

“Callbox managed to keep regular communication with the Client”.

“Callbox agents possessed the ability to grasp information fast”.

Software Company Transforms Marketing Activities after Using Callbox

Sometimes, numbers just come second to quality. This Singapore-based technology marketing company that provides a wide scale of marketing programs to some of the top medium-to-large companies across all industries weighted success more on the qualitative results of its three-year campaign ran by the Callbox team for them.

Global Media Runs On Accurate Market Data

Callbox’s eagerness in reaching out to help more Singaporean clients achieve their business goals conjoined with the clients’ word-of-mouth testimonials on the successes of campaigns they ran, drew more and other industries like Financials, HR, Manufacturing and Consultancies to outsource their sales efforts from Callbox. The robust chain of successes in Singapore opened more doors of opportunities for Callbox to serve other neighboring countries in the region like Australia, Malaysia which trailed to UK and Canada.

October 18 to 21, 2016 is not just an ordinary period of events saved in the Callbox calendar but a special occasion reserved for its reunion with Singaporean associates and a welcoming gesture for the soon-to-be-clients, all looking forward to many more kindred productive and successful years of business partnership.